What Is Lead Generation

Lead generation is contacts making out of potential customers interested in a product or service.

Leads tend to be the main ones in website promotion. When ordering website promotion, the main task is to increase the flow of orders, resulting in increased profit from the website.

This is how it works:

– Website promotion

The task of website promotion is to attract the flow of interested visitors to the website.

– Leads

For a potential client to make a request, register or call, you need to convince him, and the following are responsible for these issues:

– Design and convenience

– Selling text on the website

– The benefits of the product or service

– Ease of contact (application, call)

– Selling

The main task of any generated lead is to sell. Leads are not always targeted and they are directly dependent on the quality of visitors that you attract to the website through promotion.

This is the easiest version of the sales funnel, which clearly shows the purpose of the lead.

Since most markets have constant demand, leads can be obtained from search engines.

In recent years, many companies have begun to provide services not to promote the website, but to pay for a specific action or pay for a lead.

The most common are:

– A call charge

When using analytics systems, target calls are taken into account, and payment is made for each target call.

– A request charge

This kind of lead is suitable for many topics, for example: finance and insurance. Some potential customers do not like to call, but want to fill out an application on the website, and the manager will contact them.

This direction is interesting because, as in contextual advertising, you can clearly understand the cost of each call, and as practice shows, this is a working scheme for website promotion with a clear guarantee and payment is only for the target call.

Lead generation is one of the main goals of promoting any website. The main task of promotion is to provide a steady, stable stream of leads that will constantly grow and make a profit.