Website SEO in 2019

Website SEO in 2019 is both an analytical and creative process in order to improve the visibility of a site in search engines. As before, the main task of SEO is to attract as much as possible targeted traffic to the site, which will turn into a conversion. The main advantage of traffic from search engines is that it does not require fixed costs, which means such traffic is virtually free. So why not try to get it to the maximum?

What to look for when conducting SEO in 2019?

SEO can seem like a very complicated and time-consuming procedure. To some extent it is. In addition, given the constant change in the algorithms of search engines, it is rather difficult to predict the results of work on search engine optimization. However, if you follow certain recommendations, SEO can be done even on your own. As a last resort, you can always order SEO promotion from professionals and is guaranteed to get a positive result.

If you are self-engaged in SEO of your site, then it is worth considering the following recommendations.

Search engine optimization in 2019

  1. Provide a responsive website design that will work well on both PCs and mobile devices. Today it is a very important factor and search engines take it into account when ranking.
  2. Focus on target users of your site and your region. Enter the geographical location of your site in Google Webmaster.
  3. Place the keyword at least once in the page title and once in the main content in the paragraph title (h2-h6 tags).
  4. Avoid overflowing key content with keywords.
  5. Optimize the meta-description to get a useful snippet in the output.
  6. Write high-quality and useful content that will be useful to users and will keep them on the page. Search engines take into account the time spent on the site as a factor in the quality of content.
  7. Use synonyms and keyword declensions to make texts natural.
  8. Structure the information on the page, break into paragraphs and subheadings, add lists and tables, graphics and video inserts. The more convenient the information will be presented on the site, the more interesting it will be to read to users, the more time they spend on the site, the more chances that target action will be performed.
  9. Ensure the maximum download speed of the site. Today, users do not like to wait a long time until the page opens. Yes, and search engines also began to take into account this factor in the ranking.
  10. Constantly update the content on the site, keep the information always up to date. Delete outdated content so that it does not litter the site, does not distract users and does not spoil the statistics of engagement.
  11. Do not overload the site with affiliate links. Strive to increase the amount of useful content on the site in relation to pages with links.
  12. Specify the date of publication and content updates.
  13. Do not slide the main content of the website page down to accommodate the placement of ad units.
  14. Use the most simple site navigation.
  15. Create site pages based on W3C recommendations. Consider the best practices on site usability. Avoid content that “annoys” users.
  16. Consider Google’s recommendations for canonical links, content internationalization, page numbering.
  17. Pay attention to quality, not quantity of content. Place external links to relevant content information.
  18. If possible, place the keyword in the URL. Add internal links from other site pages with keywords.
  19. Use more visual content and structure it into paragraphs and paragraphs.
  20. Try to ensure the removal of poor-quality links from early SEO attempts, if any.
  21. Ensure copyright compliance. Place your contact details in sight, so customers can easily contact you.
  22. Share your quality content on social networks.
  23. Work on getting external links from high-quality domains and a high level of trust.
  24. If your site has the ability to place content by users, ensure high-quality moderation of such content.
  25. Pay attention to site security issues. At a minimum, it should work for a long time on the https protocol.

Be prepared that the work done on SEO today will produce results in about 3-6 months, and sometimes later. It all depends on the subject of your site. Follow the rules of search engines to avoid getting under the filters and you will get the result.