Website Search Optimization: What Money Are Paid For

Factors search engines depend on

Website promotion is a complex process, often like dancing with mumbo-jumbo around the gods of Google. A joke, of course, but behind every joke, as you know, there is some truth.

Search engines are constantly making changes to the algorithm of their work, which can only be tracked by experience and in-depth analysis of the results.

The results of search engines depend on a large number of various factors, the knowledge of all of them is already something fantastic. Typically, SEO specialists operate on several abstract factors oftentimes, the significance of which just changes with the change of algorithm.

Website Search Optimization: What Money Are Paid

What  the cost of promotion depends on

The cost of promotion, first of all, depends on competition for a given request. The more people who want to get on the medal stand of search results, and the more they are willing to spend on it, the more expensive the site will be promoted. If determining the number of applicants for TOP is a simple task, then it is impossible to precisely determine their budgets. It is possible to correctly evaluate, namely, evaluate, and not determine, the budgets of competitors only on the basis of the experience and professional skills of the SEO specialist.

As can be seen from the above, SEO specialists have enough analytical work and the most important factor influencing the result of the specialist’s work is his experience and professionalism.

Buying a cheap offer from inexperienced SEO specialists, you risk losing time and money, and even worse, exposing your site to penalties from the search engine for using “black” promotion methods. It is very difficult to “get” a site out of such sanctions.

An offer of $ 300 for the withdrawal of 20 queries in the TOP, despite the fact that only the budget of one query, excluding the work of the SEO specialist itself, is $ 300 – is absurd! If the request is competitive, then the offer of a low price most often indicates the inexperience and lack of professionalism of the SEO specialist.

Website Search Optimization: What Money Are Paid-

Companies that professionally offer website promotion services, before proceeding directly with website promotion, carry out a number of works aimed at optimizing the site and increasing its popularity in general. Such works include:

  1. Analysis of the sites of competitors and their advertising companies;
  2. Compilation of the semantic kernel of the site and the initial selection of the most effective targeted queries that match the budget;
  3. Analysis of the site, in order to search and eliminate errors;
  4. Optimization of texts and code of site pages for search queries and development of recommendations for filling the site;
  5. Registration of a site in free “white” catalogs;
  6. Purchase of permanent advertising spots on closed sites and registration in paid directories;
  7. Rental of advertising spots on the main and internal pages of various resources.

In addition to the daily analytical work, SEO specialists, on a weekly basis, or rather each time when updating search results from search engines, conducts the following work:

  1. Analysis of the results of the work done;
  2. Correction of advertising sites rented under ads (links);
  3. Correction of texts of advertisements (links);
  4. Correction of the list of keywords depending on their effectiveness;
  5. Correction, and sometimes writing new, texts for the site.

Website Search Optimization: What Money Are Paid--

The amount of work that falls on the shoulders of professional SEO specialists is very large. Every day they have to process thousands of advertising sites and ads. Of course, there is a certain toolkit that significantly simplifies the work, but its availability only allows you to perform a larger amount of work to achieve a higher result and is just a tool in the hands of a professional.