Website Promotion And Advertising

Changes in search algorithms

Few people take into account the fact that search engines, change the search algorithm about once a month, which significantly affects the composition of the top ten. In this case, you have to start all over again. Change keywords again, rebuild site code, etc. Over time, this can get bored and many webmasters quit this thankless job. The main goal for any site is to attract visitors, which will allow you to advertise on it and, in the end, recoup all costs.

Viral advertising as a method of optimization

Some optimizers offer a method of viral advertising. This term is scary, because almost all computer users are well aware of what a virus is. And website promotion through viral advertising is hard to imagine. But this is not so scary at all. This method is to attract visitors themselves to advertise your site – in forums, blogs, chats. Such website promotion is quite effective.

Another way to advertise a resource is the most common link exchange. But it is important not to lose here. After all, you can swap with a site that does not suit your theme. Or its performance on TIC and PR is much lower than yours. Here, as they say, the exchange is not equivalent, it obviously will not accelerate the promotion of sites, and may even slow down, lowering the PR site.

As for the content and such an important factor as content protection. Unique content will not only promote the site to the top ten in the search engine, but also will be the subject of attention of unscrupulous web designers who are too lazy to create their own content, but it is easier to copy it from other sites. One of the most reliable ways of what we call content protection is to constantly update it. Nothing stands still, everything changes and there are always topics about which you can write and which you can shoot in photos and videos. Thus, the content can be changed several times a month. No copypaste lover will keep up with you and will constantly be several steps behind. This is the protection of content in the simplest way. 

More advanced web designers use special scripts that do not allow copying text from the site. Here is just one snag in this – they often knock on the nose not only copy-owners, but also search robots who are trying to read your content and determine the level of its uniqueness. With this method, you can quickly fly out not only from the top ten in the TOP, but also, perhaps, from the fifth thousand. Then what advertising are we talking about.

To conclude

There is only one conclusion, which is the most realistic option for successful website promotion is a unique, periodically changing content, competent optimization of the page code, correctly selected keywords and a lot of work.