Ways of Promotion Which No Longer Wash

Search engine optimization or SEO is a sphere that changes and develops not just quickly, but swiftly. Books and articles written on promotion several years ago are irrelevant today. If you use techniques that were in use 5 years ago, you not only do not promote the site in the issue, but also even worsen its position.

How does SEO work today? In 2019, integrated promotion of sites is actual: individual techniques and methods are no longer effective. It is better to abandon some of the ways of promotion in order not to risk the reputation of the site.

What methods of promotion do not work anymore?

  • Optimization for keywords.

    No, it is still necessary to collect the semantic kernel of the site and cluster requests, but when working with page attributes it is no longer useful to be guided by keywords. Search engines have changed the ranking algorithms, now they do not take into account keywords, but user clicks. Therefore, instead of a set of keywords in the Title and Description should be an ad that will interest users and make them open the page.

  • Anchors on internal links.

    Previously, it really was a good way to improve the position of the site in the results, now the anchors in Google’s internal links are at best ignored. However, it can also impose sanctions on the site. Therefore, the main requirement for links is relevance.

  • Separate pages for one group of key requests. You do not do that, right? Six years ago, the creation of several pages for similar requests bore fruit, but now it is useless: the search engines’ evaluation of the relevance and usefulness of the content has become much more complicated, and the flow of similar pages only annoys users.
  • The rush toward paid links. There were times of “black SEO” when it was possible to buy spam links, order a wave of comments, use low-quality directories. Now, sites that have a tendency to this go straight to search engine filters. Google estimates relevance and “prestige” as if the resource giving the link is your guarantee for a million credit.
  • Catchy keywords.

    If users notice key words in the text, page headers, titles, their trust in the site disappears. This is also true for domain names.

What you need to pay attention to in 2019

No trick works anymore by itself, this is one of the reasons why more and more companies refuse freelancers and order promotion from digital agencies. An integrated approach to promotion is needed, and already at the initial stage: in assessing the technical condition of the site and its content. Good promotion is the coordinated work of analysts, designers, programmers, SEO and SMM specialists.

You cannot hire only SEO-specialist with a copywriter, and assume that they will cope. Even if they try hard and prove themselves to be a pro, not only text is needed: dry letters no longer work, a combination of text, visual and video content is required. In addition, the promotion must be extremely personalized, and to appeal personally to the target audience, serious analytical work is needed. Without it, it is impossible to determine who your target audience is and how to communicate with it.

Finally, do not forget about one of the hottest trends of recent years, which are verbal requests. More and more users use voice queries to Google, and they differ from written ones. The voice request sounds more natural, and it is necessary to adapt the pages for such requests too.

Getting to the first page of results is becoming increasingly difficult, and in 2019, it is not a question of “black” SEO techniques, it is a struggle of content. That one who has it more useful and of higher quality wins.