Types of Advertisement Online

Web promotion and its types

There are two main types of website promotion by keywords and phrases:

  • search advertising;
  • site optimization for search engines.

Search advertising is the fastest way to get to the first page in search results. There are special places on the site of any search engine where the so-called contextual advertising is displayed. Usually it is located above the main search results and to the right of it. Prices for placing such advertisements are set by the users themselves. Accordingly, the order of the advertising lines depends on the rate of each participant in the advertising network. Money is withdrawn only when a user clicks on a specific ad.

This type of advertising is the main source of income for any search engine. Google Adwords is the most famous of them.

Despite the obvious advantages, search advertising has significant drawbacks. This is the most expensive way to promote the site. As soon as you stop paying, your ads will immediately be removed from the pages of search engines. In addition, in recent times, cases of click fraud have become more frequent. It means that competitors can constantly click on your ads from various IP addresses, thereby spending your advertising budget.

The second method (website optimization for search engines) is the most effective and less expensive. Its main disadvantage is that no one can guarantee that the resource will be on the first page of search results. Therefore, such links are called natural.

A little statistics

According to statistics, users trust natural links more than search ads. In percentage terms, this is 30% – search advertising, 70% natural delivery. 

For relevant results, search engines use specialized algorithms for ranking Internet resources. The principles by which sites are sorted are kept in the strictest confidence. This is done so that none of the owners of Web sites could manipulate the search results. The only thing that search engines recommend to webmasters is to create beautiful and friendly sites with unique and interesting content and services for users.

There are specialized companies whose main profile is the creation of sites and their promotion on the Internet. Most often, in order to achieve the greatest effectiveness of virtual advertising companies, they combine the two methods described above. This approach helps to ensure the maximum effect from a commercial site at a relatively low cost.