There Is To Know About Social Bookmarking

The subject of receiving links and traffic from social bookmarks is worn-out and has been discussed for more than a year and today gives already much less results than a couple of years ago. However, as well as social directories link catalogs continue to be used for website promotion. This article is about services and programs for automatic registration and adding bookmarks to Internet service.

But still, first about what social bookmarking is. A social bookmarking service is a site that provides visitors with the opportunity to create an account and save links to any Internet pages in it. This, if you like, is a bit of an Internet explorer’s favorites. Very often, such services provide users with a toolbar for the browser, which allows you to add bookmarks with one click, without going to the service’s website.

Social bookmarking services, as a rule, provide additional opportunities. This is monitoring the bookmarks of other participants or creating entire groups of thematic bookmarks. This is supposed to help to find an interesting site for more people. The service also contains statistics on popular bookmarks, the most frequently added sites, and the number of links to your bookmarks (unless, of course, your bookmarks are publicly available to other users). From here comes the concept of a warmed-up account, the more they trust you, the more people look at your bookmarks (links).

For us, the most important thing is that new bookmarks created by users are published on the main page. This attracts search engines, which, in turn, visit the bookmarked site. Thus, in my opinion, the most important useful feature of social bookmarks is implemented, which is a quick site indexation.

The second useful point is incoming links. For the growth of TIC and, in particular, PR, you should not rely on social bookmarks, since very often the links are closed by the no follow instruction, and search engines have long known what social bookmarks are and take little account of the links located on them.

On the other hand, social bookmarking can become a source of small, but still traffic. This traffic will gradually decrease, since the added bookmark will go deeper into the depths of alike.

Thus, social bookmarking today represents for the webmaster about the same as link directories. They are very useful in order to give the site an initial impetus for development.

Now we turn to the more practical part of the story.

It is not recommended to post many bookmarks at once, and indeed in one account there should not be many links, especially to one site. This increases the likelihood that your bookmarks will be perceived as spam. It is much better to create several bookmarks, then forget about this account and create a new one. If you are blogging, you can create an account and post a link to each new post in it, creating 10-20 links in your account.

It is very important and useful that you can create bookmarks on any page of the site and, in addition, register the appropriate anchor yourself. Thus, you can, if not promote, then at least help to promote the site on low-frequency queries. If you create a lot of accounts, then it is advisable to register them through a proxy server so that there are no questions about the same IP addresses.