The Role Of Keywords In Website Optimization And Promotion

Competent optimization as the key factor in website promotion

In the promotion of any website, whether it is a news portal or an online store, the main role is played by competent optimization, which is based on the selection of keywords and the compilation of a semantic kernel. Keywords are words that appear in the text of an HTML document, as well as in a prospective search query. It is very important not only to choose such words correctly, but also not to go too far with their amount. Otherwise, search engines can ban the page. In addition, the text must be written correctly, comply with the spelling rules of the language and have a logical meaning.

The user can find out the latest news or find any necessary information by going to one of the search websites. In the search bar, s/he enters a query, which usually consists of several words. When choosing keywords for page promotion, you should focus on these words. Building a frequency series from words, search robots calculate the relevance of the text. If the word is often found in the text, it gains greater relevance to this query. The optimal number of keywords per page is about 5 percent of the text volume. The highest relevance arises when whole phrases coincide, rather than single words. It is necessary to think over what phrases potential website visitors can use when searching, and use them to optimize and promote the page.

Keywords with high relevance give the document greater competitiveness. However, the relevance of the website also depends on other external factors such as the number of external links, popularity, etc. Therefore, the search engine can appreciate a competing portal. In this case, it is worth using keywords that are close in meaning. It’s important to consider the size of the potential audience, that is, the number of users who will use these keywords to search. If you use common words or phrases, for example, sports news, then the entire audience of Internet users looking for information on this topic will be covered. In this case, you will have to compete with all websites of this subject.

The potential audience also depends on how long the phrase you use. For phrases consisting of four or more words, the level of competition is quite low. Unfortunately, the size of the audience is much smaller.