SEO-website Promotion What to Begin Improvements With

The website is not promoted, the trading volume does not keep rising. Does it sound familiar? Here is a checklist of the 7 most common mistakes that hinder the promotion of your website. Errors and omissions may be hidden in the smallest detail. To find out why the website promotion is stacked up, pay attention to the following moments.

Duplicate content and pages 

Duplication of content or pages impairs website promotion. Prepare unique texts for all sections, headings, descriptions and configure the CMS so that additional URLs with the same content are not generated.

Robots.txt file

This is a text file that restricts access by robots and helps you scan important data faster and more efficiently. If a project is recently launched, developers may forget to open this file for indexing.

Uniqueness of text content

Seo website promotion is impossible without quality content. Generate author articles and materials: search robots and visitors love them. Do not compound texts with keywords.

Title/description tags

Make sure that the content of the meta descriptions is not duplicated throughout the website. Meta tags should display the theme of the pages. Generate unique headings, use templates, keep track of the length: for Description – these are 150-160 characters, for Title – 55-60 characters.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile traffic in some business niches has already exceeded 50%. This indicator is growing every day. If your website is not optimized for smartphones and tablets, customers will go to competitors. Create an adaptive version of the design or buy a ready-made adaptive design.

Page loading speed

Both people and search robots love fast websites. Page loading speed is one of the key factors in ranking. Solve problems with heavy elements and graphics, optimize all images and code, remove all unnecessary, take out styles in css.

Full correct semantic kernel

A good semantic kernel takes into account the keywords on the subject of the website. If the queries do not match the landing pages, and the website will be displayed on irrelevant queries in the search results, you will see a high bounce rate.

If your website is not promoted in the search engines, then something is wrong. And without competent search promotion today it is impossible to outpace your competitors.

Go through our checklist and try to improve the position of your project. Or ask for help of professionals. You are going to be provided with a comprehensive audit, develop a promotion strategy and will promote your website to the top position. You will always be aware of all the work on promotion, which is carried out by experts. This is a guarantee of increasing the amount of targeted traffic to the website and increasing your profits.