SEO, Internet-Marketing And E-commerce Trends In 2019

We live in an era of high competition, when even a slight delay can lead to loss of profits and even equity drawdown on the market. If you work in the field of e-commerce and use the Internet in general to get customers and sales, it is even more important for you.

In order to achieve not tactical success only, but also to shape a winning long-term strategy, it is necessary to understand well both the facts of market and the direction in which it will move in the near future. Therefore, it is so essential to monitor tendencies and trends – this understanding can allow you to be one-step ahead of your competitors at the right time.

In this article, I have collected trends for 2019 that will be relevant for SEO, Internet marketing and e-commerce. It does not make sense to separate them, everything is related now. Now let us go through each of the items in more detail.

SEO Trends in 2019

Organic search remains the most effective channel for potential customers’ engagement for almost any business. It provides with especially good returns to search engine promotion work in the longer term. And here are the main SEO trends that will be relevant in 2019.

Complex study of a website

Good technical SEO is no longer a clear advantage, becoming a kind of minimum program. Basic technical optimization is necessary, but other actions are now needed to reach the top. The website should be “polished” in all directions.

Pay special attention to the quality of the content, and the creation of additional value within the website for the user. The issue of usability is critical to optimizing conversion and improving behavioral factors and each of the pages should load as quickly as possible.

One of the related trends in this direction is a per page study of the website. In other words, it is necessary to work separately with each important landing page to achieve their maximum quality.

Complete mobilization

If you have not yet adapted your website to mobile phones and have not changed the design to adaptive – I have bad news for you. Now this is an important ranking factor, and if your website does not correspond to new realities, it is only a matter of time when its positions start to slide down.

Moreover, the conversion is most likely to fall now, increasing the volume of lost profits every day.

3G/4G Mobile Internet gave an impulse to the expanding of existing markets and the emergence of new ones, which cannot be ignored in its marketing strategy.

Increasing role of local SEO

The volume of micro local results in response to requests entered by smartphone users as they go increases rapidly. Many agencies focus exclusively on local SEO, especially if we are talking about large cities.

If your business is focused on customers from a particular city or region, working with local issuance is very important to you. In this context, we recommend turning to our article on the topic of local promotion, in which these points were considered in more detail.

Work on the snippet click-through rate

Featured Snippets and ad-supported blocks reduce the CTR in the results of organic results. In addition to this, the results are mixed with the results of video and audio, as well as data from Google’s own services. This increases the importance of working with snippets; otherwise, even being in the top three results your pages will not receive enough clicks.

Follow these guidelines to increase the snippet click through rate:

  • Title and Description should be clear and informative, and also contain calls to action;
  • Use micro marking for different types of content (articles, products, recipes, etc.);
  • Search for low CTR pages in the Google Search Console and try to improve them.

Such experiments pay off and are worth the effort.

Voice search

Voice assistants (Siri, Cortana, Google Now), smart speakers and watches, voice search on smartphones – the growth of these markets leads to an increase in the share of voice search. According to Google, almost 20% of all searches are made by voice, and this figure will continue to grow in 2019 and the coming years.

Internet marketing trends in general

Search engine optimization (SEO) is only one of the areas of Internet marketing, and in addition, there are many other channels, both paid and free, which differ in different levels of efficiency.

There are several major trends specific to the market for Internet marketing in general, which will be relevant this and in the coming years.

Automation as a necessity

Repetitive routine tasks can take a huge amount of time and turn into the narrowest spot of the project, which does not allow it to develop effectively. To avoid such problems, experts use various tools to automate their work increasingly.

The following cases can be made out as examples:

  • automatic letter thread;
  • information collection and processing in terms of client/user;
  • suspended publication in social networks;
  • automatic analysis and status monitoring of the website;
  • report generation based on the results of advertising campaigns, etc.

Time saving can be great even in the context of the work of one specialist, not to mention the scale of the company.

Messengers are becoming an important interaction channel

By little and little, Viber, Telegram and WhatsApp are replacing social networks as a tool for communication with customers. And most importantly, unlike social networks, there are no obscure algorithms that limit the coverage of other tricks aimed at forcing you, as an advertiser, to instill more money into advertising.

They can be used both for one-way communication with the audience, for example, in the format of a channel with news and special offers, and for two-way communication. In this case, your customers get the opportunity to communicate directly with the business and promptly receive answers to questions, which speeds up a purchase decision.

For many entrepreneurs, this is still something completely new and not entirely clear, but well-known brands are already actively working in this field, which is already a promising direction factor.

Omni-channel marketing

The times when it was enough to confine oneself with a good budget for one of the channels of Internet marketing to maintain its leading position in the industry are in the past. To keep the profitability at a good level and to achieve the stability of a client stream, it is necessary to engage customers from a variety of sources (touching points).

The main channels that most business owners should work with are:

  • search advertising;
  • search engine optimization (SEO);
  • social networks;
  • email newsletters;
  • price aggregators;
  • crowd marketing;
  • channels in messengers, etc.

The greater the number of your touching points with the client, the higher will be the probability that when making a decision he will make it in your favor, and not in favor of the competitors.

Focus on brand development

Many consumers make a choice between two similar products from different manufacturers or from different sellers, and in the end they will decide in favor of a more recognizable brand. That is why you should work on its recognition and keep the company’s reputation on the Internet.

Transitions from organic search to queries that include the brand name minimize the effect of changes in search algorithms and are characterized by a higher level of conversion.

Complete analytics

Cost increase of traffic due to increased competition leads to the need for a detailed analysis of the performance of each channel. Otherwise, at one moment it may turn out that you spent most of the budget on things that have the minimum effect, or even not pay off at all.

In addition to analyzing advertising campaigns and other activities related to the promotion of projects, it is necessary to study the behavior of users on the website and their reaction to the changes that you implement. Therefore, you can understand exactly what works and what does not and set priorities in the works.

E-commerce: where is the market going?

Internet commerce throughout the world continues to grow and in the coming years, the dynamics of this market will definitely be positive. To keep on track of the market and to make the right strategy for the development of your online store, you need to be aware of key trends in this niche.

Sales through content

The effectiveness of direct advertising continues to reduce, and the “help rather than sell” approach becomes more productive. This means that someone who starts using content to attract and convert visitors into buyers can obtain the competitive advantage.

The following types of content work well:

  • reviews of goods (articles, photos and videos);
  • comparing different products;
  • tips on choosing;
  • ratings and selections;
  • user guides and tips.

And, of course, we should not forget that any content should be well optimized in terms of SEO, in order to get customer attraction over the long run.

Smartphone as a purchase tool

In the global market, sales from mobile devices have reached 1/3 of the total revenue of online stores. This already exceeds analysts’ expectations and in the near future, the tendency for further growth is obvious.

In this context, a good optimization of the online store for mobile devices is a must for business development. Owners of large marketplaces (from 100,000 visitors per month) should also think about their own mobile application, which can be another effective tool for increasing market share.

Movement towards specialization

In order to be on equal footing with major Internet supermarkets of the “Amazon” type, huge budgets will be required even at the launch stage, not to mention the monthly advertising costs. However, even big players can gain the upper hand by making a bet on specialization in a particular niche.

This is one of the obvious trends in e-commerce in the near future, because the owner of a niche online store can more flexibly respond to customer requests, provide them with the advantages of an individual approach and offer a wider range specifically in this area.

Work with the audience comes to the fore

Bringing visitors to the website is part of the job. Only the business that will be able to keep them, and then stimulate to return to the website repeatedly, making replicated purchases will be truly successful.

The loyalty and trust of the audience is the key to high conversion, and a large community of followers of the brand will eventually be able to provide a powerful word of mouth effect, which will further increase your sales.


It makes no sense to implement all of these points in practice, trying to do everything at once. However, definitely worth trying many things in practice, if you have financial resources and time. In any case, you will receive valuable information about what works and what does not.

No need to wait until competitors begin to test new practices. If they succeed, most likely you will not be able to catch up with them. It is better to strive to become a pioneer, because it gives a chance to build traffic and sales quickly, firmly consolidating its position as one of the market leaders.