SEO 2019 – How To Be Trendy

Every year search engines put forward more and more promotion requirements. More attention is paid to visitors and to solve their requests quickly and efficiently. Search engines require you to abandon the rapid and artificial promotion, and a positive attitude to high-quality and natural promotion.

A visitor comes first

For search engines, it is important that the website meets the requirements, first of all, of users. Many try to succeed in promotion, and customize the website to the maximum for search engines, and not for visitors. Search engines are becoming smarter, and are able to recognize artificial promotion. Behavioral factors play, and will play a large role in the ranking. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to:

Website loading speed – no more than 200ms;

High-quality content – uniqueness, literacy, novelty;

Technical condition of the website – to meet all the requirements of search engines;

Search for the necessary information – speed and compliance with the request;

Adaptive version;

Truthful information on the website – contacts, certificates, licenses, etc.

Voice search

More and more users are resourcing to voice search. According to research, more than 40% of users will use voice search on a mobile device. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your content responds to user requests.

Fine content

When ranking a website by search engines, content plays an important role. Quality content contains useful information for visitors, answers questions of visitors and help to solve their problem. Graphic content that responds to user requirements is highly valued by search engines. Structure of the content design should also be at a high level – the most readable text with the correct structure.

The text should be focused, first of all, on a user – to respond to inquiries.

Content is often used on such pages of the website:

– Blog

– Description of goods/services

– News

– Description of the website pages

Content visualization 

Website content should not only contain interesting text, but also be supported by pictures, images, graphics, videos, tables, etc. All this should act holistically, as closely as possible to the topic and be useful to users. Recently, users began to look for more images, so it is important to pay due attention to this.

By creating visual content, you can get closer to visitors and interact more with them.

According to statistics, using vision we get about 90% of all information, and 65% of people absorb visual information better.

Fast search engine responses

Featured Snippets or blocks of answers occupy zero positions in the search results. Such answers are very popular among users. Search engines use this function to provide ready-made answers to users’ questions. Pages from the top 10 fall into the block of answers.

In order to get into the block with the answers you need to pay attention to abbreviated answer to every question, the answer to several related questions in one article, use FAQ, add quality images to the website.

Featured Snippets is worthy of paying maximum attention to it:

– Blocks with answers help to attract traffic to the website;

– Featured Snippets are voiced in response to a voice request in the mobile and voice search;

– And finally, they will not go anywhere, because search engines are working to improve their algorithm.

Mobile version of the website 

Mobile version is something that most Internet users cannot do without. Every year the number of mobile Internet users is increasing, and today it exceeds the users of desktop devices. In 2018, Google began to consider the mobile version as the main one of your website, and then in 2019 this trend will continue.

The mobile version should be as user-adapted as possible. Mobile traffic will become important for SEO in 2019

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The trend of using the Internet on mobile devices is growing every year. Mobile Internet has become an important part of most people. However, not everywhere, the Internet is so fast; some users use 3G, GPRS from a mobile device to log in. Therefore, Google has launched an open project AMP, which is used by mobile devices with slow Internet access.

Although at present, AMP is considered an important part of search queries, but not all websites can use this technology – often-accelerated pages consist only of text without images and structure.

Accelerated mobile pages bring such benefits to the promotion:

– Search robots had better perceive websites with AMP

– Behavioral metrics increase, because website on mobile devices starts to load faster.

Behavioral factor

Every year, search engines understand people better and better with one of the most important factors of RankBrain ranking. Search engines rate these metrics:

– How long the visitor is on the resource pages;

– What actions are done;

– How many pages does the visitor view;

The more clicks a website receives, the higher the search engines rate it. In promotion, it is important that the information on the website is useful and interesting for visitors.

Technical condition of the website

Today, the technical condition of the website is one of the main places in the promotion of the website, because must meet the requirements of search engines. A couple of years ago, attention was not paid to this, but times have changed, and search engines diligently follow the technical side of the website.

The correct structure and nesting of pages, unclosed tags, errors in the code, etc. – all that pay attention to the search engines. Therefore, it is important to tailor the website to the requirements of search engines for its better ranking.

Quality Links

Although there is a statement that backlinks do not work, in fact, they play a key role in website promotion. This trend will continue in 2019. It is important that the links are of high quality – choose a proven resource where the links will be placed. 

In the purchase of links, natural growth also plays a role – sharp jumps only aggravate the attitude of the search engines to the website. You also need to place links under a variety of anchor.

Quality links will help increase the link mass of the website.

Correct SEO

The methods used to promote the website a couple of years ago are outdated. Methods of promotion vary in accordance with the requirements of search engines. Today, the focus is on the user, so quick and artificial promotion are not welcome by web search engines. 

Black promotion methods, which were often used before, can lead the website to a decrease in search results or even get the website suspended.

For promotion in 2019, of course, white and grey methods are used, very carefully only.