How To Maintain A Page of Your Brand In Social Media Successfully

Getting your brand pages on social networks is a good idea. However, what to do so that account management does not become a waste of time? This article will tell you how to attract new customers with the help of social networks, keep them permanent and improve your brand image.

SMM is a powerful thing. One should use social networks wisely, understanding goals and opportunities. The approach “we will give the page to a trainee, let him post something there in his spare time” does not work. The approach “we will occupy all platforms, with 10 posts a day for each” often does not pay off. We understand how to build a strategy of the “middle way” and get a noticeable result with reasonable investments.

Before you begin working, you need to determine who the target audience of the project is and which social networks it “lives” in. Spending time on other sites is often impractical. Now we decided to focus on Facebook, and 1-2 times a week do posts on Google+. In the article, I will give examples from Facebook with practice, but you can apply most of the recommendations to any social network.

Plans and goals: what to publish in social networks

There are two fundamentally different approaches to preparing posts when it comes to SMM. Traditional implies regularity and long-term planning. The graph may change slightly, taking into account high-profile info leads. You can compare the second approach with situational marketing. In this case, the company publishes posts on important occasions only, both internal and external.

We prefer to plan the publication schedule for the month ahead and post regularly. The content plan has two parameters in its basis. The first is the seasonality of topics. In the summer, for example, we focus on the holiday season; we often remind you that we have flights to seaside resorts. In winter, it is useful to answer the question “where to go for the New Year?”

The second criterion is the popularity of past posts. Analyzing the statistics of individual posts, we note for ourselves which audience liked and which did not.

It is important to find a balance between posts about a product / company / service and posts on related topics. People are more interested in reading materials like “Top 10 places where a UFO landed”, “5 express methods of losing weight by 15 kg in two days”, “Secrets of nature, which make your hair stand on end” than listening to how much percent profit and what kind of strategic partnership agreed. If to tell about such an achievement is necessary, it is better to do it funny.

At first, topics for posts are selected based on general information about the target audience: who these people are and what they are interested in. Experiments, field studies, observations allow you to more accurately understand the tastes and preferences of readers.

Over time, it turned out to identify the topics that subscribers love most. In our case – Poland and everything connected with it. This may be a collection of life hacking for travel, tips for budget trips. For longer journeys, ready-made bus-plane routes are relevant.

In general, we try to give practical information, solve and anticipate the problems of subscribers, be useful. However, do not forget that the abbreviation SMM has the word marketing, so that certain marketing tasks must also be taken into account when developing a content plan.

Work with newsbreak

Even if you have a clear plan for the month ahead, to follow the news and trends in your industry is necessarily. Show your emotions towards the brightest ones with publications in social networks. The faster you pick up the wave, the more engagement and reach will get the post. It is important to feel that fine line when the trend is still relevant, and not to post pictures with the Awaiter in August 2017.

How many posts per day you need to publish

I must say that the ideal number of publications that fits all companies does not exist. It all depends on the goals and on how many resources the company is ready to invest in SMM. It was optimum for us to do one publication per day. With such volumes, we save our time, and subscribers receive only useful information.

It is possible to publish five posts per day, but it will be necessary to increase the amount of time spent on preparing content five times to prevent quality from being affected. One quality, useful publication is better than five posts with memes for a show.

There is no universal “prime time” for posts. The best time is when the maximum number of your followers is online. This indicator can be viewed in the group statistics. Based on our data, I recommend posting 30-40 minutes before the peak time.

There is also a theory that at this time, there are fewer publications and, accordingly, less competition among the posts in the news feed, and therefore the post will get more coverage. You can experiment with this approach.

In general, I advise you to try different scenarios and posting strategies, compare the results and choose the best schedule for your audience.

Content preparation: whom to entrust an important mission

The SMM manager creates the content manager for all pages. A designer prepares the illustrations in the corporate style. In addition, there are reposts made from the blog, and a regular copywriter writes there. That is, three people are engaged in the production of content, but only one works exclusively with social networks.

If is all about budget and there is a temptation to do without the SMM manager, it is better to consider the option of working in part time mode. Part-time will save on salary, but at the same time get concrete results from working with social networks. This is much more promising than “hanging” the functions of another employee who does not strive to develop in the direction of social media marketing, and distract him from his main responsibilities.

To create content you can attract and customers. Then be sure to repost these materials in social networks, and they show good results. It is pleasant to the client; it is convenient for us – we can see advantages only.

Style matters: we make out publications

The post should be concise and beautifully structured. I advise you to leave long sheets of the text for your blog, and it is there to keep readers from social networks.

And, of course, we must not forget about the beautiful pictures. Pictures are our everything. The main thing is that the illustrations fit the meaning and be of high quality. Beautiful photos can be picked up in photo stocks, if to speak about free ones,,, and For design, you can engage a designer, but if s/he is not there or is busy with other tasks, you should turn to online editors. In addition, do not forget that people love infographics, cats and gifs, however common it may sound.

Communicational Culture and atmosphere on the page

How exactly you write and communicate with clients in social networks, largely determines the image of the company. A page on Facebook or another network should not just cover the activities, but also really take care of the client. For example, we try to prove ourselves as assistants in organizing trips, solving difficult situations on trips.

For publications, it is better to choose a light tone with a bit of humor. This will make it possible to use the main advantage of social networks: the opportunity to become a friend of a client, to be near, to communicate with him in the same language. Anyway, joking and indulging in social networks can and should be.

To make the atmosphere in the community as friendly as possible, it is worth engaging the audience in positive discussions. Arrange jokes with creative tasks, and not only on the principle of “prize for likes and repost.” Ask participants to talk about something in the comments. People are happy to share their experiences and impressions, funny stories and witty comments are often found.

Support in social networks: how to work with negative

From time to time, any business receives questions, requests and complaints from clients. They are not always sent to customer support. The user can write in the comments, tag the company in his post, leave feedback on a third-party site. This is normal.

Social networks are the same communication channel as telephone or email, but more public. And for many, it is also the most convenient way to communicate. Therefore, a person who left a comment on the Facebook page should not write back a message with the support number or email. An exception is situations where you need to request confidential information to solve a problem. By the way, a more formal style of communication is appropriate in the support service. The client should not get the feeling that you find a reason for joking in his problem.

Appealing through social networks is a bit more than a regular support call. Here hundreds of people will see the message, because it is important to respond to it promptly and competently. In fact, the answer will be addressed not only to the person who applied, but also to all his friends, subscribers. This is an opportunity to convey your position, demonstrate professionalism not only to current customers, but also to potential ones. In social networks, you can conduct educational activities, fight stereotypes and psychological barriers of Central Asia, talk about the possibilities of your service so that customers can benefit in full.

Ideally, it is worth working not only with negative social networks, but also with any feedback on any sites. Each review is processed individually, whether it be a post on the social network, a comment from a travel blogger or a story on the review site.

Analyzing the results: how to track performance

The main tool for analyzing results is Google Analytics, like for many others. Be sure to use UTM-tags to see which post worked more efficiently, how much traffic was brought and conversions on the site.

It helps in the work and the statistics of Facebook itself. We follow the indicators of coverage and involvement, and if they fall, we launch promotion of posts or organize a competition. Promotional posts, among other things, help to build traffic on the site. Now traffic from social networks gives about 1% of the clicks of all channels.

Organizing your presence in social networks and making it effective is not as difficult as it may seem. However, you still have to work hard – to find the style that will reveal the company’s corporate culture and appeal to the audience. Experiment, look for new topics and formats for presenting information, communicate with subscribers, respond to negative comments, and to positive ones, all the more. And do not write long posts.

May the force be with you!