Proper Site Preparation For Promotion

All novice webmasters who have just created their site, and those who want to get a give back, are wondering where to actually start promotion. First of all, it is necessary to prepare the resource so that visitors entering it do not immediately click on the back button on their browser, but make a purchase, click on an advertisement or perform another action that you are counting on. “Where to start site promotion?” – This question is asked by almost everyone who has just created a website and wants to get at least some benefit from it. Here are some simple, but very effective ways to prepare the site for fruitful work with people who will go to the resource, because your goal is to turn as many visitors as possible, i.e. subscribers, buyers, partners. Proper site preparation for promotion

  1. Decide on the purpose of your resource. The first thing you need to decide in order to create a site, i.e. what actions do you expect from visitors coming to your site. For example, you want a visitor to place an order in a store, register on a forum, sign up for a newsletter with site news, etc. There must be a specific goal, it is impossible to achieve success in any field without defining a goal!
  2. Get rid of the excesses on the pages and follow the goal. Your resource must certainly meet the goal. Suppose you want as many visitors as possible to call the office, in this case, do not hide the phone number at the bottom of the page or “contacts”, but place it in a most visible place, for example, highlighting it in a larger font in the “site header” compared to content and other color. Placing a phone number is better on every page, and not just on the cover page. If you want a visitor to enter the site, fill out a questionnaire or other form, make sure that the person doesn’t have any questions (why, what will it give me, etc.) and set a bright banner or button on each page asking you to fill out profile. Another little secret, our users really like something free, so a small bonus for filling out the form (discount, downloadable bonus …) will not be out of place. It’s better to remove all unnecessary things that distract visitors from their goal, meaning a bunch of counters, banners, weather forecasts and similar elements. One counter is enough (it’s better invisible), and the weather forecast is appropriate only on regional, news sites, in addition, such elements significantly increase the page load time. It is also not recommended to abuse contextual advertising; it is recommended to place no more than 2 blocks on a page.
  3. Let the visitor realize what he will receive. Each of us, before doing something on the subconscious level, is inclined to ask ourselves, “what’s in it for me?” You, as the owner of the site, must clearly and competently answer this question. If you are offering a product, be sure to tell us about the benefits that the buyer will receive if they are purchased. Do not list its many characteristics, focus on its advantages. Suppose you are selling an umbrella, the description is that the umbrella is only 40 centimeters long, the coverage area is 2 meters in working condition, it’s convenient and you will never get wet under it. If you ask to fill out a form, indicate the reason for the action: “by filling out the form, you will contribute to the development of our site” or “fill out the form and get a 10% discount from us.”
  4. Gain the trust of visitors. Most users are convinced that the World Wide Web is only deceivers and therefore they have fears of being deceived. You must build confidence in your site and show visitors that your company is real. For this, it will not be superfluous to post your photo, photo of employees, office. The use of video and audio materials also helps to destroy distrust, as well as a good way to stand out among competitors.
  5. User support. Include a contact e-mail and phone number by which you can be reached out preferably the time when you are available. If there is an office, give the full address (city, street, house, office No.). If the visitor does not take advantage of the information provided, he will know that it is easy to contact you in which case, this also very significantly affects trust. Do not ignore the contact information, this is very important.
  6. Design. Be sure to ensure that the design of the resource is tasteful and neatly executed, because it must act so that the visitor does not immediately click the back button on his website, then going to the competitors. The site should by no means resemble most of the resources located on free hosting. The site should be convenient for the visitor. The pages should load quickly, the text is easy to read. It is advisable to ask outsiders to evaluate your resource and listen to their advice to address the shortcomings.
  7. The choice of hosting. If you intend to seriously engage in online business, paid hosting and a domain are the first things to start a business with.
  8. A competent text is the basis of trust. On the pages of your site, the presence of spelling errors, typos, incorrect translation of the text is unacceptable, it is always very annoying. If you position yourself as a respectable company (and not only) and the grammar is decently decaying on the pages, then mistrust increases significantly and many visitors will never return to this site again. Checking content for mistakes is easy with Microsoft Word, which is on every Windows computer.
  9. Question about product warranty. If the site as a whole does not inspire confidence among visitors, the guarantee for the goods may very well be ignored (they simply will not believe you). If you sell a product, it will be useful to notify you on the site about the possibility of returning it, because this step can increase the number of sales. A very important point is to clearly indicate under what conditions the goods are to be returned; when compiling this section, use the Consumer Rights Law so that there will be no troubles later.
  10.  Reviews. There has always been, and will be, credible with such a step as the publication of customer reviews using your services. It is worth noting that in no case do you need to write reviews yourself, this can significantly undermine the reputation. Therefore, publish only reviews from real customers, with a full name and even better with a photo. It’s not worth publishing reviews like “Good Service”, “Awesome …” it’s better to publish reviews about what exactly makes your service different from others…