Monetize A Website to 100%

Monetization of a site is an important issue and its consideration is as important as the promotion and creation of a site or portal. Immediately you need to think about and set goals for your project, site, satellite, which it will fulfill, and then achieve them.

And so, the most frequent and important part of all projects, sites is making money, paying the site owner money for his work on writing articles, organizing the project, promoting it, etc., and then when the project is already working, you should think about the fact that to convert it, to make sure that it pays for itself, its promotion and gives an excellent high income to the owner.


At first, the task may seem easy and does not require additional knowledge but this is not the same as the fact that different partner systems pay differently, which means that in any case, you need to experiment and test everything by experience, so how on one site one affiliate program will go to maximum, and on another site of the same subject, this affiliate program will give a penny.

To begin with, let us look and see the possible earnings on the site, which will allow us to further determine and experiment with the most suitable for us in terms of profitability and convenience.

And so, the oldest payment program is a banner:

More often such advertisers order directly advertisers through the contact menu of the site on which they want to be placed, but this can be taken into account if your site is quite popular in its subject matter, has good positions and traffic.

The second program is the pay-per-click program for advertisements:

Quite a popular program and on the Internet there are currently many such systems that offer visitors to buy from you who click on ads of interest on your site. Among the monsters in this industry, Google Adsense should be noted. It is one of the most popular systems in the world, offers earnings for both, people who speak English and Russian;

This system is impoverished by the fact that it enables you to add a simple code to your website, configure it quite simply for your website, for colors and fonts, and then in the added code, a block with advertisements will be displayed in that place, for clicks for which you will be paid.


It should also be noted that the clickability of Google Adsense is many times greater than the ones described below, but the ones described below pay significantly more, so this factor should be taken into account.

Affiliate Programs:

These are pretty profitable programs, if you take into account that you have a thematically targeted audience, in this case you can get the most out of it, because in particular affiliate programs do not pay for clicks, but for actions, purchases, filling out forms, etc. the price for such an action is several times higher than for clicks.

Often you can create sites that focus solely on the affiliate program and thereby display your site for certain keywords and earn money.

You can find affiliate programs in three ways, the simplest is a search in the search engine with the query “affiliate program theme of your site”, the second on specialized forums, including SEO and the third, it is just to scroll through a couple of pages issuing your subject sites, pay attention on the menu, links below and look for the inscription earn, affiliate program.

Selling links:

For this period, this is the most common system of earnings, as they accept into this system both good sites with traffic and without it. The main objective of such programs is to place advertiser links on your site, pages, all this is done to increase the positioning of the advertiser’s site. The profit in such a system can be quite large, in particular, it depends on the performance of the site and its pages in Google index, so by selling links on your sites you also earn money based on the price per month.

Among the largest exchanges for the sale of links, it should be noted:

Text-link-ads is the largest link exchange in the foreign market segment, thus the prices there are quite high, which will allow you to make good money on the site, but not all sites are accepted, only high-quality and with alex rank (visited), human, and the board is big, it is worth it.

Selinks is a fairly new link exchange for the foreign market segment, but the functionality is pretty good for output under

Selling articles on the site:

If you have a good old site with indicators, then this type of earnings can very well raise you in monetary terms. It consists in the fact that through the same specialized exchanges, on your site in a separate category the original texts are placed, with links to the advertiser. The average cost for posting an article is from 1 c.u. up to 300 c.u., everything in particular depends on your site. Most often, and this is most rational, the advertiser places an article about your product on your site for life.

Miralinks is a very good, but expensive exchange for posting articles, in our case, it is very suitable for making money, articles are especially expensive in this system, since the system itself offers them for 9-8 cu, while for such money can be placed already on the site article. In any case, the system is good, but there is one thing, only high-quality sites that do not participate in link exchanges are accepted into it.

Blog affiliate programs

A pretty good form of earning for blogs is writing articles for the advertiser and posting on your website, posting brief reviews and just guards (a guard is a link in the short text from the top or bottom of the blogger’s article). Thus, you write to yourself about things interesting to you, and also additionally earn money. On particularly good blogs, prices are pretty high.

Pop underders and ifre affiliate programs

User experience shows that there is normally a negative attitude towards this type of advertising, as they are annoying, contain adult content, a lot of viruses and other nonsense that can harm your site.

Therefore, we will not consider in detail this system of profit.

And now the main rule.

Try to earn money on your site, project, but do not bombard it with advertising, since you can lose users who were created for this site directly.

Under the concept of рow to squeeze more money from it lies the meaning of which affiliate programs or systems are best suited for conversion for your project, which implies the integrated work with various affiliate programs or systems to determine the best result. Also, rely on the fact that greed can ruin your project, no matter how good it is, and it is better to get 1c.u. every day for years than 10 c.u. at a time and lose your project.