Internet, Internet And Website Development

Are you thinking about your own website?

Everyone wants to create a website of one`s own. Different people and various organizations, firms and companies. It is prestigious, popular, and reasonable, in the spirit of the time. We get pleasure when developing the site, especially by going to the finished site with a beautiful and convenient design and with no less beautiful and necessary content.

Anyone who wants to start developing their site should ask themselves the questions:

  1. What constitutes the website, for whom and what is it needed for?
  2. What and how should the website work?
  3. What kind (types) of websites are found in the Internet?

Let us try to answer the last question, bearing in mind, of course, the first two. First, let us explain why the word “Internet” is written here and below, either with a capital letter or now with a small one, because they often write only with a small letter? Here and below, this word with a capital letter means the world information and communication environment (i.e. computer networks, created sites and users, the environment), which has a household name, because it is the only one. If a word is used with a small letter, then we must assume that we are referring to a system of computer networks that are connected in the process of this communication. And there are many of them, and all of them form one or another structure (route).

Website development usually goes in the following three main areas:

  • Portals (or the manufacture of branched complex sites);
  • Just sites (usually thematic);

Simple sites (usually with one function – introduction, presentation, sale, service for one subject or object, process).

The portal has a complex system of management, registration, service (mail, news, newsletters, statistics system, etc.). They are created by large state and corporate structures. Business card sites – individuals or small companies, as a rule. All such developed sites should not be prevented from being multimedia, dynamic, interactive, beautiful, and comfortable. 

Site classification

So, back to our problem of website development.

Sites are usually classified according to various criteria:

  • By availability – open, semi-open (semi-closed, if someone likes to call the created sites more), closed (by so-called invites – invitations to visit the site);
  • By content – static creation of sites or dynamic;
  • By physical location – external or local;

According to the category of tasks to be solved, website development is diverse – a business card website, a corporate website or portal, an online store or a trading Internet platform, a promotional website, a thematic website, web service, etc.

The average traffic to a large corporate portal or site is several hundred new visitors per day. But the manufacture of sites of this type is much more complicated. For other sites created on the Internet, this figure, of course, is on average less. This, despite the fact that individual thematic sites can also outshine individual large portals in terms of site attendance.