Innerlinking of Interior Pages

Introduction to innerlinking

Innerlinking of the interior pages of a website is necessary for any resource whose owner is directly interested in organizing the shortest paths for visitors and search robots to examine their website. And therefore, in this article we will discuss in detail the implementation plan for this event. 

Analysis of a website

First of all, you should start by checking your website for “performance”, that is, do an analysis of the links, whether all of them function exactly as they should. This includes the correspondence of links to the pages to which they lead, and the absence of typos in the address, and the presence of the pages themselves at the specified links.

Simplicity through site mapping

Another issue of linking the interior pages of a website, especially concerning search engines, is a site map. Be sure to add it and make it as convenient as possible in order to simplify the work of spider programs.

Navigation should be well thought out, and this should apply to all, without exception, pages. As an auxiliary navigation, you can add the menu “Similar material”, thereby delaying the user’s departure from your pages and creating an extremely favorable impression about the site. Each webmaster has pages on which he would like to primarily attract a large number of guests. To achieve this, use the navigation with the heading “Popular.” 

When linking the interior pages of a website, try not to lose sight of any of them, each page should have at least one or two of its internal links. Especially important pages will not hurt to mention more often. Indication of links in the main text will be most optimal; this gives a significant increase in productivity, especially for search robots.

In conclusion

Periodically “tidy up” on your website, while postponing articles that have lost their former novelty in a basket called “Archive”. Do not delete pages at all, especially if they may be useful to visitors. Periodically replenish your creation with new information, so that search engines participate in indexing the website and imbued you with respect. In turn, visitors will not be slow to follow their example, and will also come to you more often.

Follow all the rules, and then you get the perfect linking of the interior pages of the website. Good luck!