How To Save A Website From Being Banned At Google

Even if you do not violate the rules of SEO, you may still have to survive the horror of SEO due to the exclusion of the site from the Google index. Although Google is a kind of monopoly among search engines, it is not a bully company that excludes innocent sites from the index for fun. Google indexes and maintains high-quality websites with competent SEO optimization and excludes those that violate its rules.

This article is intended for those whose site for unknown reasons for the webmaster fell out of the Google index. In order for the site to take its previous positions, you will have to take some steps described below.


1 step. It is necessary to determine the reason for falling out of the index.

There are many reasons that can make Google exclude your site. The main ones are:

a.) Over-optimization, which makes the site very suspicious. (High keyword density, doorway pages, hidden text and links, duplicate content, link spam)

b.) mailing spam;

c.) illegal site content;

d.) links to substandard or virus-infected resources (sites).

And this is not a complete list of SEO sins that Google does not tolerate, and you will never receive a letter informing you that you were a bad boy and your site was kicked out of the index. But if you intentionally tried to mislead a search engine using black optimization methods, you could expect that sooner or later you would have to deal with getting the site out of the ban.

2 step. Add your site to the Google webmaster panel and submit a request to review the site.

To do this, go to: and select the “Webmaster Tools (including Sitemaps)” section, add the site by clicking on the appropriate button, and follow the instructions. After the site has been added and verified, you need to go to the address: Having generated the sitemap.xml file, save it and place it in the root of your site on the server. Then, in the webmaster panel, select the “Webmaster Tools” section, click on the site you need and in the “Sitemap Files” section select “Add sitemap file”. This will help speed up reindexing, as well as those pages that the search engine robot could not see will be indexed.


Some tips:

– Do not try to prove in a letter to Google that you are not guilty of anything and suffered from their cruelty if you know that you used black methods:

– Be polite in writing a reindex request;

– Reread Google Webmaster Guidelines;

– Do not flood Google with a request for a review of your site;

– Consider using Google AdWords.