How Not To Make A Mistake When Buying A Domain?

It is not a secret for many webmasters, especially those who are not beginners, but who have already taken knocks in a difficult SEO season, that it is much easier to promote a site not from scratch, but on an old trust domain that has gained decent weight.

Why use purchased domains with high rates? There are many options. For example, for resale at a higher price. Next, to start a new project on the subject of the domain (if the domain is with traffic and its existing audience, then this is quite relevant). They create a website and drive it into link brokers , where website`s indicators are the determining criterion. Finally, for doorways that crawl out into the TOP on trust domains sprout like mushrooms after the summer rains.


With the advent of the service, the problems that many previously had when searching for decent domains for their projects are a thing of the past. This service provides scans of parameters put up for auction at domains, and you can purchase these domains not blindly, but using many necessary parameters that you don’t need to determine yourself, just look at the scan.

The scan shows a lot of parameters, such as domain name, registration date, Pr, TIC, number of indexed pages, presence in DMOZ and many others.

In short, is a very useful service, but this article is not about it, but about how not to make a mistake when buying a domain and not end up with a broken trough.

Many webmasters, when buying a domain, first of all look at its Pr, look at gluing Pr (when a redirect from one domain transfers PR to another domain, that is, artificially inflates) and if this notorious PR is more than four, then they are included in the fight and consider it big good luck buying such a domain for 100-200 $. When after the next update Rr of the domain is reset, webmasters begin to sin on anyone, but not on themselves.


What should I pay attention to first of all when buying a domain so that then it will not be excruciatingly painful for the time and money spent uselessly?

Let us first decide what a domain trust is? The PS trust in the domain name consists of several main factors. This is the age of the domain, the total amount of unique content and most importantly the link mass. It is the verification of backlinks to your domain that is the determining factor when buying a quality domain, which subsequently can and should bring you profit. Look first of all at a good reference mass, and not at the notorious indicators of website. Knowledgeable and experienced webmasters can buy a domain with zero Page, but if it has a high-quality link base, then after the first update Google will restore Pr to you, if it does not. Money must be invested primarily using common sense.

How is a good reference base determined? A link base is required, in which up to 70-80% of links lead to the internal pages of the site. See indicators of sites that link to your domain, from which pages, the number of outgoing links from these pages, website`s indicators. The work is dreary, but in the end it will more than pay for itself in no time.