How Does Website Promotion Work?

Technologies used to compile search results list

In order to understand how website promotion works in search engines, you should understand what technologies are used in compiling a list of search results. If we discard all minor factors, then there will be only two main ones.

Factors to take into consideration

  • First of all, this is the site itself, its content, structure and other materials that it contains.

Building a site in accordance with the recommendations of search engines is called internal optimization. This is sometimes called internal website promotion. Using internal optimization is the reason for rumors that website promotion is possible without investing money. Nevertheless, with low competition in some topics, this is quite possible.

  • The second factor is the credibility of the site. The search engine determines this parameter based on the analysis of the “opinions” of other sites in relation to your resource. In other words, it becomes a definition of the quantity and quality of links placed on your site from other resources. Creating a database of links and their analysis for each performance parameter – everything is included in the external optimization, which is also called website promotion due to external parameters. 

Of course, there is hardly an owner who wants to put a link to his site for free. Today, there is a tradition of “leasing” reference sites. The bottom line is if you want the link to be placed for a long time, you need to pay the owner of the advertising site every month.

It turns out that the cost of work on internal optimization is determined only by the amount of labor, then for the external promotion of sites you have to consider the cost of renting links (advertising or link budget).

The link budget, which is so important for successful site optimization, can vary greatly depending on the competition of requests. Working with links requires special skills and knowledge. If you decide to order website promotion, you can be sure that the website will rapidly improve its position on the pages of search engines. Alternatively, you can wait for low results on a cost-free basis for months.