Guest Posting As Effective Avenue Promotion

It is strange but many beginners and even experienced bloggers do not know what guest posts are. However, this is an affordable method of customer attraction, getting back links and high quality content.

Guest Posts – what is it?

Classically, these are materials or articles posted on third-party resources in order to get backlinks to the website or blog of the author. Like any other promotion method, guest posts have their own advantages and disadvantages.


This practice is beneficial to both the author of the material and the blog owner posting the article. The author receives almost free advertising of his own resource, generates traffic and attracts new users, raises positions in the issuance of search engines.

The blog owner gets free content, fine and unique and this is not only additional interest from readers, but also several new pages in the index of search engines.


The blog owner posting material does not sustain any loss. Checking and publishing an article does not take much effort. More often, the author runs at a deficit.

First, it provides with unique content for good. Instead, you can publish information on your own website, thereby stir up the interest of readers and add yourself appeal.

Secondly, if you promote a blog this way, guest posts should become regular. The same question arises before the author – is it not better to publish materials at home? In addition, creating an article for a third-party site, you often have to limit yourself and write not about what you want and this is a serious obstacle for some copywriters.

You still decided to shine on other people’s resources and were there more in favor then opposed? Try to get the maximum return from placing your content.

What guest posts should be like?

  1. Any material that you are going to publish in someone else’s blog should be well written, original and interesting. Best of all, readers perceive useful, informative articles. Do not write something distant relative, try to be laconic and concise. There is always common spelling and punctuation check!
  2. The subject of posts should be similar to the subject of the resource. Users may poorly receive third-party articles, because of which the result will not justify itself.
  3. Guest posts must be written in the established (officially or not) style of the resource. Standards for the design of headings, paragraphs, the size and theme of images, as well as the manner of presentation of the material should not differ from the usual users.
  4. Any content should be unique. No need to duplicate it on your own website. It is necessary to refrain from posting as a guest previously published material.
  5. Do not forget about keywords – guest seo-oriented posts are more popular among blog owners.
  6. The recommended number of links in the guest article is from 1 to 3. If you want to keep only 1 link, put it in the entry. Otherwise, readers may simply not get to the execution of the target action.
  7. The blog owner usually writes a short review – an introduction where the author presents. So he recommends you to users, strengthens the credibility of the material, increases loyalty. If the owner of the resource does not want to mention you in the introduction, do it yourself. Introduce yourself; write a few words about yourself and the project, and then get down to business.
  8. Before sending materials, be sure to organize and check them. Prepare illustrations and pictures by combining them into an archive. Save the text in available and common formats – doc, docx.
  9. The content creator must be prepared for the website owner to make changes to the text or post design. Do not be afraid of edits – they will help the article fit in the blog.
  10. After posting, the author needs to monitor the appearance of comments on the article, as well as timely respond to questions that appear to readers. The blog host is unlikely to do this. It only provides you with a platform for publication.
  11. Specify in advance whether it is possible at the end of the text to suggest users subscribe to the RSS of your website? Immediately make a reservation that only a few owners go to this step. However, if you manage to agree, the reception will be an excellent marketing ploy!

Publication on thematic resources

Publish guest posts is best in blogs and sites of their subjects. This will allow:

Attract thematic customers and interested visitors to your Internet site.

Get hashtags.

It will increase the likelihood of text approval by blog owners.

How to find websites for content?

  1. It is not uncommon for owners of their own blogs to invite their readers and third-party authors to take part in creating content. They are easy to find by requesting in the search box on the computer: “I accept guest posts.”
  2. Before you start sending out offers, make a list of 200-300 resources for yourself where you would like to publish. This will avoid wasting time when, after a positive decision of the owner, you appreciate the resource and change your mind.

In addition, if you send 10 offers, and only 2 agree to publish, you will quickly lose enthusiasm. In the case of a mass mailing to 300 addresses, 60 positive answers will look much more optimistic.

  1. Chose guest posts as a way to promote your resource? Use an evolutionary approach, starting publication in insufficiently popular, but ambitious projects, gradually moving to ones that are more authoritative.
  2. Before proposing a blog to publish your material, take the time to study previously posted content, leave some interesting comments, and engage in communication between readers. This will shine in front of the owner and prepare the ground for a business proposal.

Secrets of success

Secret number 1. There is no universal secret

In fact, there is no magic formula that would bring you a stream of quality traffic and a huge conversion. Informative blog text from TOP does not always give the desired result. Try to evaluate the features of the audience, the specifics of the author, as well as constantly analyze errors and improve.

Secret number 2. A one-time publication will not bring the desired effect

If you choose guest blogging as a method to promote your resource, get ready to constantly look for new sites and topics for publication. Single placement and small approval from users is not an indicator of the inefficiency of the method. Perhaps you just hit the wrong place.

Secret number 3. After publication, your work does not end

Writing a good article is half the battle. The second half is to find a platform for accommodation. That is all. Not really. In promoting your post, you need none the worse. Take the initiative, leave comments actively, report on the material on social media, and use the newsletters. Make every effort to get the audience involved as much as possible!

Secret number 4. Guest posts are not a panacea

Using this method, do not forget about the other avenues of promotion. Nobody canceled contextual and display advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing and SMM!