Choosing A Hosting For Your Project

Hosting and its importance in life of a website

Hosting is dedicated computing power, which ensures the optimal functioning of sites hosted on it. Different hosting providers offer a variety of services for this purpose. We will figure out what will be the best solution for your project.

Sometimes the site is hosted on their own home computers. However, this can cause difficulties in the operation of the resource – the computer that provides the site must work continuously, otherwise the site will be periodically unavailable. In addition to a high-speed connection, such a computer must have high power in order to easily manage a large number of visitors; otherwise, the site will often freeze. It will be much easier to use the services of professional hosting providers, which are able to ensure flawless, continuous operation of your site.

Many hosting providers provide space and maintenance today. Consider the main points that you need to pay attention to.

First, good hosting is a stable hosting, when visiting which users do not have any difficulties.

There are paid and free hostings. At first glance, free hosting and a domain name seem more attractive. However, in the process of using it turns out that such sites have many negative aspects, and it is better to use paid services that are actively working to eliminate possible inconveniences and shortcomings, for example, VPS hosting.

Cons of free hosting:

  1. Free hosting providers place their ad units on the resources they serve. This is their constant condition for cooperation with you. Such intrusive advertising often negatively affects the image of your resource in the eyes of potential visitors.
  2. Users are usually treat resources on a free site with caution. A site in which certain financial investments have not been made previously is not respected. Directly it concerns serious commercial projects.
  3. Most free hosting providers provide third-level domain names. Remembering and writing down such a name is almost impossible. Accordingly, this will negatively affect the popularity of your resource, no matter how much effort you put into promoting it.
  4. Not all search engines index sites on free hosting, and if they index, then you cannot expect a high rating and since it is search engines that provide the highest traffic to any resource, this affects the traffic to your site negatively.

Thus, we can conclude that the profit from the free resource will be low. It is not worth spending time and effort developing serious commercial projects on free sites. However, they can be successfully used, for example, for training in the website creation.