All You Need To Know About Volunteered Links

Introduction to the world of volunteered links

Today, every SEO specialist knows the fact that the classic backlink promotion of web sites in the form in which it existed for several years is no longer valid. The old methods of external promotion of sites no longer work, moreover, they may turn out to be not only useless, but also bring a lot of unnecessary trouble to site owners.

For the use of link spam methods that were so popular several years ago and brought websites to the first places in search engines, today you can easily earn a variety of sanctions and fall under the filters of search engines.

Role of the links

However, it is also clear that links cannot go anywhere and will be taken into account by search bots in the future. The link itself, as a source of information and a form of warning Internet readers about something new, cannot stop playing an important role in the process of assessing the quality of a site.

Not the links are changing, but the methods for evaluating them. Today, many performance enhancers hold by a opinion that the so-called natural links will play a major role in the future. Methods for identifying purchased and unnatural are constantly updated and improved, so the role of such links every year becomes less significant, and sites unwound in this way begin to get the sanctions of search engines.

Natural links

Natural links can be considered those links that can be set either by the web-master himself, or they can be set with his permission. Moreover, such links should not contain signs of sale or other prohibited optimization methods.

Today, there are not many services on the Internet that allow you to add a link with all the parameters set forth for free, and it is on them that the future of optimization is oriented.

The natural link should be surrounded by relevant texts, and its anchor should not fall out of the general subject of the document. Agree that the link on the entertainment site and leading to any business resource, or vice versa, looks completely unnatural and is of little value, both for the search engine and for users of such a site. The same applies to non-topic links in forums that are used to attract an audience or a recipient site, but actually can even harm it.

To conclude

As mentioned above, the existing methods for evaluating links allow search engines to filter out a sufficiently large number of unnatural links, taking into account only high-quality and necessary links for users.

Perhaps the current situation could look a little different if it were not for the excessive activity of optimizers using link promotion methods, which forced search engines to deal with such promotion methods and look for new criteria for evaluating the quality of external links.