A Corporate Website Promotion With An Open Heart

Your website is the face of your company

This article is not for grown wise with experience search engine optimizers, of whom the majority of this website’s visitors are absolute, and for whom search engine optimization and promotion is an occupation on an industrial scale. It is not intended for those who promote websites so that they can quickly earn money on them. It is dedicated to those who have one single website, and even then does not plan to place any commercial links and banners on it, because the site itself is not a way to make money, it is the face of the company. The face of your company. And you need to raise the position of the website in the search results so that as many potential customers as possible come to it, which are then converted to regular ones if possible. And, in fact, this status gives you a great advantage over professional optimizers, for whom website promotion is a matter of technology. After all, it is with such unnatural technology that search engines fight, becoming more angry and sophisticated every year. Because they do not like the resources that they want to artificially promote in search results, and if to talk sense, this is not necessary. Indeed, in the top of the list should be those websites that are truly interesting, useful and will bring maximum benefit to the Internet user who will go to these resources through a search engine. And if you are the owner of a corporate website, you have a unique opportunity to approach the promotion of your website with an open heart.

Getting links for your website


Sometimes it is funny to listen to the stories of those who say that they are banned for registering in catalogs, that they lose their positions in search results for getting links and so on. The question immediately arises – how often do you do this? Naturally, optimizers working on order and developing many of their websites at the same time are interested in improvements. So they get links in tons, not knowing the measures, especially if the budget allows them to do so. So they immediately register in thousands and even tens of thousands of directories, while not even always thinking about such an elementary thing as replacing the anchor text. Because of the large number of such people, search engines are becoming more merciless every year.

The attitude of search engine to links

But let us get back to us, businessmen. We have one website, and we are heartily approaching its promotion. Just keep putting, one foot in front of the other and it will be over before you know it. We do not neglect any existing methods of promotion, but we do it slowly and accurately. In the first weeks of the website’s existence, you can upload a website link to the main search engines, plus manually register in the hundred largest white directories, about 10 directories a day. For the first two weeks, while the pages are indexed, this is enough. Search engines do not like when a lot of links appear on a website. At the same time, you need to fill the website with content. On a corporate website, as a rule, there are not very many, not more than a few dozen, sometimes hundreds of pages. Therefore, try to at least make sure that the content is unique. It is advisable not even a rewrite, but written high-quality SEO copyrighted text from scratch. In addition, from a psychological point of view, it has to have selling properties. Such text that will persuade your visitor to buy. After all, the website is corporate, it is intended for this. Such texts (unique, fresh, like morning goods, with the right density of key phrases, and even with psychological and marketing overtones) are expensive, but let us remind you that a corporate website is not some huge portal, as a rule it takes a little text , so do not save on this. And search engines as a result will be delighted.

But we will not stop there and move on


And then we are to get links to the website, but do not chase the quantity. For the first time, 40-50 new links to your website per day will be absolutely enough, in a couple of months this figure can be brought up to 150-200. And do not forget to create as many options as possible links leading to different pages of your website. A month after the founding of the website, you can first run it through directories, but on an easy base. And after another month already five to seven thousand catalogs, but remember that manual registration is best suited, although with such a large number it is better to combine manual and automatic with a large number of anchors. About a month after the founding of the website, you can start promoting articles. But then again, do not make it a flat reading, as seo specialists advise, generate 500 from one article and throw them at different websites. The main thing for a corporate website is a reverential attitude. To get started, write five to ten articles (only unique, no generation) and post them on several interesting websites.

Quality is always matter

You do not need to run in pursuit of technical speed, therefore, first of all, pay attention to the quality of the articles themselves, to what information and benefits for the company they bring, what audience they attract to your website. Then, after a week, continue to add your more articles of your own, and only then can you proceed to the soulless generation of content and placing it on hundreds of websites. In parallel with this, start a blog. You are the head of the organization! Director of the firm! People are interested in reading directors’ blogs!

The last but not the least


Well, the last advantage that you, dear businessmen, have is that you can not stupidly put links to your websites and exchange them as simply as possible with thematic websites, but find in the market partner companies that perfectly complement your business and exchange links with main pages. This will not only significantly strengthen the position in search engines, but will help you to establish a unified global flow of customers among themselves, which is very good for business development.

Now, we would like to draw a line under it, if there are still any thoughts in this direction, feel free to share in the comments.