6 Reasons Why Your Online Store Needs A Blog

The Content Marketing Institute analyzed what goals marketing specialists working with B2C achieved because of active use of promotion through content marketing throughout the year:

  • Creating a recognizable brand – 79%;
  • Growth of trust from the audience – 67%;
  • Creation of high-quality informational content for the audience – 65%;
  • Increase in loyalty from existing customers – 63%;
  • An increase in demand and interest in products – 57%;
  • Increase in sales – 52%;
  • Forming an audience of regular subscribers – 45%;
  • Attracting loyal customers – 42%;
  • Promotion of new products – 40%;
  • Attracting attention to the events held by the company – 33%.

All brands that sell online can increase the profitability of their business through blogging. With the help of content marketing, your business can get many additional benefits.

Six main reasons to start blogging online store

Let us take a closer look at the main benefits of this type of blog.

All consumers regularly seek answers to their questions and they can find them on your blog.

What is the main reason for the existence of content of any type?

In order to deal with this, we must answer the question why are there search engines? What is one of the main reasons for the existence of content?

Ryan Jones, author of the magazine Search Engine, writes the following:

Modern search engines are designed to solve problems and questions.

In other words, people regularly search for answers to their questions on the Internet. This also applies to those people to whom you want to sell your products.

If you can answer their questions using your blog, it will be great. It would be more correct to provide them with information about a specific problem without focusing on your commercial activities. This will strengthen the trust to the brand. The stronger the client trusts the brand, the faster he is ready to make a purchase.

Blog increases site traffic

Do you want to increase traffic to your online store? Therefore, you need to start blogging.

According to the service HubSpot, websites of online stores where there is a blog, get 434% more indexed pages than the sites of those online stores that do not have blogs. This increases the chances of the site to appear in the ranking of search engines.

Every time you publish a SEO-optimized post on your blog, you help a potential client find your online store. If you regularly publish useful content on your blog, then gradually attract regular readers who in the future can become your customers.

It has been proven that online stores that have their own blog are more successful

Do want to see evidence that blogs are helping to increase sales? Look at Shopify. This company offers its platform for online sales to thousands of businesspersons from around the world.

According to Wishpond, only through its regular blogging strategy, Shopify managed to increase the number of paying customers by 55%. Today, the company’s revenue exceeds $ 389 million.

They managed to achieve such a success thanks to the correct selection of keywords. In particular, they write about drop shipping in their blog.

People often read company blogs before they buy

Here is another fact about blogs: they have become a tool that helps consumers make a decision about buying a product.

In addition, here are the results of a survey conducted in 2014 by representatives of the company Dynata in the UK (1000 consumers participated in the survey):

84% of buyers make a purchase after they read the product description on the blog and draw their own conclusions;

Every fourth Briton at least once a month buys something after seeing an interesting post about this product in a blog;

46% of consumers admitted that they regularly read blogs to explore different products.

If the website of the online store has a blog with interesting information about products, then the likelihood that a potential customer will make a purchase decision increases significantly.

Blog enhances brand credibility

In most cases, the main task of blogging is to create a recognizable brand.

According to the CMI B2 report, marketing specialits to build customer loyalty most often use content marketing and blogging. 81% of respondents consider blogging as the main way to increase trust from the target audience. 56% of respondents admitted that they significantly increased their spending on content creation in 2019.

The report itself says that, of course, increasing traffic matters, but you can only succeed if you can give potential customers something that will force them to return to your website. Blogging is the best tool to increase brand awareness.

You cannot be sure how quickly your blog will pay off

A blog is an investment. You will see blogging results only with time.

Every post that you publish begins to live its own life after publication. You cannot predict whether the funds invested in the development of your blog will pay off in a week, a month or a year.

For example, immediately after the publication of your post can see a total of 50 unique visitors. Of these, only a few will become your subscribers. After some time, when people start sharing your posts with their friends, your blog will continue to grow. Similarly, the traffic to your blog will increase after new readers find it using search engines.

If you are serious about blogging, over time it will fall into the top positions in the ranking of search engines. Thus, the amount that you invest in the development of the blog will gradually pay off. This is something like a boomerang effect.

Blogging is a great way to win customer confidence, increase traffic and the number of new customers.

The sooner you start blogging, the better

Blogging is an activity that can produce good results over time. Now, this is one of the best ways to make your site more interesting and win the love of regular customers.

The longer you doubt that it is time to start a blog, the longer you will have to wait for the first results.

That is why it is worth going to the promotion using the blog right now.