5 Stages of Setting SEO-Targets For 2019

Optimize your content effectively

You are an experienced SEO veteran or newbie who is trying to figure out what search engine optimization means – setting up SEO goals for 2019 is an essential process for maintaining your website and content.

Keyword research is the first thing you do when preparing a new SEO strategy. The following steps will help you get the most out of your new keywords so that not all this hard work paid off!

Work smarter, not harder using evergreen content        Naturally, whenever you develop ideas for new blog posts or landing pages on a site, you want the content to remain relevant and useful. However, this does not mean that you have to work to completely new articles from year to year to the bone. Some search queries are not proof against years, so the landing pages that most closely match this keyword or search query also always remain in demand. Create evergreen content that has no shelf life. You can easily update it and use it from year to year. 

Even if the article is five years old, it can remain relevant, with a small periodic adjustment. Thus, you will not only provide your site visitors with the necessary content, but also be able to increase or maintain the ranking of pages in search engines. The authority of this landing page or blog post will also increase, as you are constantly sending traffic to the same place.

Provide your content in small portions

With the increase in the number of distractions that we face every day, the sustainability of the attention of the average person becomes less. It means that:

  1. a) The attention of our audience is not only difficult to attract, but also
  2. b) It is much more difficult to hold.

Are you still reading this?

To deal with the attention-focusing problem – oh look, butterfly! Just kidding, but seriously, the content needs to be presented in shorter sentences. They should be organized in paragraphs, divided into sections, which are identified by subtitles easily. Most importantly, these subheadings should clearly define what awaits for a reader.

Today, when searching for information, most users simply scan the page to find what they are looking for. They are not interested in reading an entire how-to article, let alone having time for it. Make it easier for them to find what they are looking for using these precise and understandable subheadings.

Optimize your content for voice search 

By breaking the content into subtitles, you can easily try your hand at the new popular way of getting information namely voice search. Regardless of whether your customers communicate with Alexa, shout at Siri, or simply get acquainted with Bixby, more and more people use these voice-controlled smart devices to search for what they need. Get the most out of headlines and content by optimizing them for voice search. Take a general question that your site can answer, and make it the main landing page title, or use it for a subtitle. Having gained sufficient authority on a given topic, your page may even become the recommended Google block as an answer to this question.

Remember, people enter and pronounce search queries differently. The usual set of keywords in the browser search bar replaces the full human questions asked by the device. Therefore, instead of introducing the “Subaru Forester type of oil”, a person using voice search will ask: “Alex, what type of oil is required for Subaru Forrester 2016?”

Apply images that do not slow down your site 

Although optimizing the content structure is important – it is equally important to make sure that the images are optimized properly. Everyone wants to have an attractive website, and for this usually need some beautiful pictures.

Regardless of how you get high quality images (by ordering a commercial photo shoot, or using services such as Shutterstock), you want to be sure that these attractive photos do not increase the loading time of your site. On the other hand, I do not want to sacrifice image quality in favor of site performance. Use tools like Pixlr to pre-size the image. If the site is created on WordPress, just install the Smush plugin. This tool not only compresses the file size of your images, but also offers additional optimization features that will be useful for your site.

Stay true to yourself 

Well, this may sound a bit cliché, but stick to what you understand. Your website content should be focused on what you are really doing. Speaking so, I think not only about motivation, but also about the technical aspect. During the last update of the Google algorithm, the search engine recorded blogs and websites that were not awell-regarded about what they wrote about, that is, posted content that has nothing to do with their daily work. At the same time, Google increased the ranking of web pages from clearly credible sites with expert information.

Put it all together for an irresistible SEO strategy

If you focus on these five stages when developing content for 2019, you will not only strengthen the position of your site, but also reduce your work in the future. For more tips and tricks on SEO and other digital marketing opportunities, check out our other blog posts or subscribe to our newsletter.