40+ Linkbuilding Techniques

There are best linkbulding techniques in this article that you can put into practice with your own hands. They can be anything but free, since you spend time and effort on their implementation. In addition, they cease to be free at the exact moment when you decided to scale them and hired an employee.

The purpose of this article is to provide directions for work and methods of selecting sites for links, specifically for your subject, but there will also be references to specific lists of sites that you can use.

Working techniques – 7 groups

For simplicity of perception, we divided all techniques into 7 groups without any ranking by the proportion of influence on the promotion, in random order.

Seven groups of free link building techniques

  • Submits
  • Posts
  • Outreach
  • Crowd marketing
  • Techniques requiring special skills
  • WEB 2.0 PBN
  • Others


Submits are the placement of information about your website with a link to it at various websites that allow you to post user information.

Directories (websites catalogs)

Placing in directories is one of the oldest link building techniques. It was trivialized with automatic runs and reduced its influence on the promotion, but now rolls back and the catalogs work fine.

Main principles for proper placement in catalogs:

  1. To choose thematic directories;
  2. To show a needed area only;
  3. To make a good description of your website and fill it in with information about your business to the uttermost.

To find websites in your niche for placement, use the following search queries.:

  • directory submission “keyword”;
  • directory “keyword”;
  • directory List “keyword”.

Work websites

Work websites can be used to get links in completely different regions, you can find dozens of such websites with the help of similar queries:

  • youtube.com;
  • vimeo.com.

You can place a link both from the resume and from the company card. If the resume did not manage to put the link, as an option, try to download a PDF file, which will be a link to the website, the search engines index PDF documents.

Video hosting services

Video content continues to gain popularity and gather a huge audience around itself. Among other known

  1. jobsite uk;
  2. cjob site us;
  3. twitch.tv;

You can find dozens of video hosting websites on which you can place videos with a link as signature.

Search Requests:

  • video hosting sites;
  • submit video;
  • video submission sites list.

Creating video content is more difficult, but much more accessible than you expect. For example:

  • make a slide show of photos with music on the background;
  • order an animated video about your business for $ 20 at Fiver and distribute it across platforms;
  • write a screencast about your website or guide;
  • record a vlog;
  • and dozens more formats.


Working principles are similar to the video:

  1. create an audio track;
  2. find platformsfor audio;
  3. create a profileand make a description, if possible, specify a link in the profile;
  4. add an audio file;
  5. paste a link in the signature.

Search queries:

  • audio podcast platforms;
  • free podcast platforms.

A few examples:

Anyone can get 10-15 of such links.

Freelance websites with portfolio

The principle is similar to the working websites:

  1. Register as a worker or a customer;
  2. Make out a profile;
  3. Indicate the linkin the profile;
  4. Add a portfolioin the description to the work order in portfolio give a link.

Websites search queries:

  • freelance sites list;
  • freelance uk sites;
  • freelance jobs.

For example:

Renewal of documents/presentations

A great way to get not a link only, but also an audience.

How it works:

  1. make a presentation of your business, site, and better make a useful presentation on the solution of some issue related to your niche;
  2. brand your presentation;
  3. upload the presentation to the services of the renewal of presentations;
  4. make a text description for it and add a link.

You can get 5-10 of such links from different domains relatively easy.

Platform search queries:

  • presentation sharing websites;
  • share presentation.

Examples of platforms:

Websites analyzer

Many websites analysis services cache this result and save a link to your website. This way you can get dozens of links. Those can be:

  • seo analyzers;
  • usability analyzers;
  • analysis of site speed and server operation;
  • website IP check;
  • etc.

Search queries:

  • website analyzer;

PDF directories

Google perfectly indexes pdf files. Therefore, you can use the presentation that we uploaded to the presentation sharing services in pdf format and get links from PDF directories.

Search queries:

  • pdf directories list;
  • pdf directory.

Websites/blogs aggregators

It is an underestimated link building technique. First of all, it will be useful for sites that have a constant stream of fresh content, as this will allow to get additional traffic from the distributed content.

How it works:

  1. Select the list of aggregators relevant to your niche;
  2. Make rss feed;
  3. Add to the aggregator;
  4. Verify so that the aggregator reads the feed correctly.

It is important here not make a feed in accordance with technical guidelines of different aggregators, it is in case you want to get traffic.

Aggregator search queries:

  • list of blog aggregator;
  • news aggregator.

Examples of the websites aggregators:

Links from the forum/social media profiles

Links to forum profiles were previously very popular and gave results. Today, they work weaker, but it makes sense to link to a dozen of the main forums in your niche.

Part of the importance of the forums was taken over by social networks. Social networks are much more than we can imagine. There are hundreds of them.

Social networks search queries:

  • social network list;
  • social networking service.

Local submits

There is no better start for promoting a young regional website than registering in local directories, as they allow not to get a link only, but also to quote the website address, its phone number and other commercial information, which search engines also take into account.

Cartographic services

Online maps are useful not for links only, but for business globally. With them, you can get good conversion traffic, calls, and orders. Be sure to recommend this.

Cartographic services search queries:

  • list of maps services;
  • online maps.

Companies listings

Lists of local companies is a broad concept that combines city guides, various recommendations and ratings of institutions. We recommend to make the most extensively research. You can push off from these search queries:

  • companies list;
  • companies list submit;

NY companies list.

Review websites

Review websites overlap in part with company listings and map services, but they are still a separate pillar of local promotion and one of the most important.

Important! Occupying top positions in such websites, you may not need seo-promotion at all, since for a business there will be enough flow of clients from these websites. This is a separate kind of promotion.

For example, yelp.com, has 180 million US traffic on similarweb data. Its local versions of yelp.it, yelp.de and others have the same powerful positions in their markets.

Such reviewers have significant internal traffic, as well as large external traffic due to high positions in search engines.

Review websites search queries:

  • customer review sites list;
  • customer review uk;
  • customer review.

Several ready services from which you can start:

  • Yelp;
  • Google Places;
  • Foursquare;
  • Bing Local;
  • Yahoo Local;
  • Insider Pages;
  • Merchant Circle.

$Local linkbuilding

New! Local organizations sponsorship

Do you sponsor a small sports team, conferences, charities, performances or races? Most of these local organizations have their own website and access to news feeds of local publishers. Having sponsored the team, you can ask from them not a board, but a link.

To search for these features, use these queries:

  • inurl: sponsors “City name”;
  • intitle: sponsors “City name”;
  • intext: sponsors “City name”.

Sponsorship fee can be 1-2k$, which is reasonable for many companies.

New! Create a research through Google

Consumer Insights

News publishers are very fond of various studies and numbers. Especially when you have proof of their relevance.

Using Google Consumer Insights, for $ 1500-2000 and about 2 weeks you can collect answers to questions that are relevant to people in your niche and get interesting data.

Then you can pack them into an interesting interactive map, chart charts, publish on your website, and then deliver them to news publishers.

Do not you want to spend $ 1500-2000? You can contact the target Facebook groups, telegram channels, chat rooms and other thematic communities. Thus collecting interesting data for the material.

New! Create a composition show

Do you want to get links from websites of local communities and organizations?

There is another interesting method. Create an essay contest, make an interesting prize pool, or simply ensure the promotion of the best essays on the Internet.

If you make a good competition, devote a minimum amount of effort to promoting it, you will already get a decent result in the form of links from news publishers, and if you do it right, then edu links.

New! Create and share a page that you look for intern

This method is suitable for real local business only.

Do you mind taking an intern to yourself? Great! It is not a good thing only but you can also get good links from university websites.

What is there to do?

1. create a page about internship in your company;

2. make a list of universities in your area;

3. to find competent people in the university, as a rule, there are people responsible for this direction which is why you can get responses quickly enough.

In addition, you can contact the University’s communications department to be referred to the person in charge. If you are unable to contact online, do not be afraid to go to the university and chat offline.

And here are back links:

Yes, you may say that it is Coca-Cola and to give up right away, but also you can use this idea as a basis and get a result.

New! Create a discount page

Offer discounts on rates or services for certain groups of people. The most commonplace examples are discounts for students or for the military.

How to find places to place a page with discounts?

As usual, use the search.

For example, such a construction: «city inurl: employee, discount»

Thus, you can search «Austin inurl: employee, discount» and get such pages for placement:

  • http://www.apsu.edu/sga/student-discounts;
  • http://www.austinasianchamber.org/member-discounts;
  • http://www.austinisd.org/edquality/employee-recognition/discounts;
  • http://www.collegepackinglist.com/college-discounts-cheatsheet.html;

To arrange putting the links is a mere formality.


The category of posts includes techniques for creating content that you can post on your own blog, or on a company`s blog and which will accumulate traffic and links.

The Skyscraper Technique

It is one of the favorite techniques of the western experts Brian Dean and others wrote about.

In short, it is as follows:

  1. Analyze the TOP of the search results for the desired traffic request;
  2. Create the best content in the world that fully answers all questions of the user;
  3. We get backlinks of our own.
  4. However, as you know, there is a golden rule that good content will not tell about itself and need to be seeding; it will give an excellent recoil:


A bit burnt-out technique of link building in marketing and SEO niches, as they had a huge wave of round-ups and the audience became less susceptible to them, but not all the same work in these niches.

Manufacturing process of such a post:

1. Interesting questions it is very important to make “non-rash” questions that will be of interest to respondents, this will encourage them to give extensive answers that can be proud of and later share with your audience;

2. Search for experts – if you came to a new market, then this step can be difficult, you need to search and identify opinion leaders and experts who are respected;

3. Receiving answers – if you are new to the market, it is not a fact that they will want to communicate with you, but this is not excluded; you will need to send a lot of letters before you get answers;

4. Forming the material – submit the material interestingly, make graphs or a pivot table, make the reader not just skim, but at least read your material a little;

5. Distribution – as with the technology of a skyscraper, you should always do the seeding of material, in this case it is easier, since you can do it through experts.

1. choose a theme;

2. build a vision;

3. to release regularly;

4. distribute at affordable channels.


This type of content is as old as the sea.

Reviews of events, they also work as digests as a link building technique, since if you referred to someone, it is likely that the person will want to repay in kind and you can earn a link.

How it works of creation a digest:


Outreach is an initiative communication with people who make decisions about placing content on donor websites that are of interest to link builders. The result of the outreach is a hosted guest post with a link.

In this block, we will collect techniques based on the ability to communicate with people and build relationships.

This is one of the most important blocks.

Guest posts

Placing your article with reference to the project you need on the websites of other authors with their full agreement and openness to this is called guest posting.

That is, if it is written in plain text on the website that guest articles are accepted, requirements for them are given and you were able to fulfill them and your article was posted and there is a link to your project, then you managed to post a guest post.

You can create a list of websites that accept guest posts using the following queries:

  • “your niche” + guest post;
  • “your niche” + guest author;
  • “your niche” + write for us;
  • “your niche” + guest article.

Link exchange

The archaic method of link building, which has practically become obsolete, but is all the better for us, because if the technique became less popular, this does not mean that it began to work worse.

Previously, each website had a separate “link-washer” page, which could have 200-500 links to other websites and there were backlinks from exactly the same pages.

As we understand, such a method could not provide links for a long time and Google began to punish such methods of liquid building.

After the method evolved, we began to use laying websites, but it also stopped saving.

Today you can apply as follows:

  1. Agree on the exchange of links from specific pages;
  2. Ask to put a link on you in exchange for another barter, but not a link;
  3. Your ideas.

It does not make sense to just exchange links from spam pages.

Post exchange

The technique is great for the development of a corporate blog.

Implementation process:

  • platform search – compile a list of websites with blogs that interest you;
  • contact search – we find the contact of the owner of the website, or the editorial office and contact: facebook, mail, linkedin, form on the website;
  • proposal – we send a well-prepared proposal with a description of you, as an author, with examples of your successful guest posts, with suggestions for topics for the website;
  • post preparation – write a really useful post, not for a tick, but for yourself;
  • placement – you send a qualitatively laid out article (preferably in Google Docs) and a separate archive with photos, this will speed up the placement process;
  • post a response article.

A good method to get a link from thematic websites and increase the audience.

Writing a review and a link request

This is a time-consuming way to get links, but you can combine the preparation of an interesting post in your blog and try to get a link back.

How it works:

  • choose an online service or product that interests us;
  • write a real detailed review;
  • contact representatives of the service or a store and share our review;
  • we hint that maybe the post will be interesting to their users and they will want to share it with themselves;
  • look forward to the link.

Making such materials solely for the sake of linkbulding is unproductive in terms of time, but we recommend using it as an addition to the method of creating cool content.

Dereferencing and sending the link to the opinion leader

This technique is very similar to the previous one. If you plan to do dereferencing for the sake of getting a link, it is not the most effective technique but as an addition to creation of a good content for your blog.

How it works:

  • find an interesting video of a profile blogger who has no dereferencing;
  • decode the video, it is important to make an adapted decoding, since the big difference between speaking and text;
  • contact the blogger and demonstrate our achievements, we suggest that he links to them from his projects, if he considers it necessary;
  • maybe we get the link.

It is much more important to maintain a relationship with a person rather than get a link, so do not insist on getting a link from the opinion leader, at least you gave him knowledge about your product and maybe this will have long-term consequences.

Link Reclamation

A high-impact method for the efforts made, provided that you already have a certain background information and are talking about your brand.

How it works:

  • track references of your brand – manually or with the help of specialized software on third-party platforms;
  • find the contact of the person responsible for editing the content;
  • send a request to post a link instead of a reference;
  • set up tracking of references on an ongoing basis and periodically repeat the script.

Test of a free product/service by bloggers

With the help of influenster.com and similar services, or manually searching, you can negotiate barter with bloggers. You send them your products, they make a fair review in response.

For a quality product, this is an excellent link building method.

New! Resource Page

Some bloggers, publishers, companies have pages on which they recommend services that they like or trust.


Then everything is simple. Outreach and tactfully offer useful material, or a free service that may suit this page.

Success depends on the quality of the letter you make.

New! Informational partnership with conferences

Links from the main pages of quality websites always work. For this, you should use any method that will allow to get them.

Informational partnership with conferences is one method of the kind. Have you it tried already?

No? Let us go through the steps.

Step 1

In order to become an information partner of a conference, you must have access to an audience:

  • Email distribution;
  • Pages in social networks;
  • Channel in the telegraph or on YouTube;
  • Or another communication channel.

If you have this resource, you can proceed to the second step. If not, then it is impossible to switch to it and you must first create the value that you can offer to the conferences.

Step 2

Gather a list of conferences that relate to your topic.

You can use various thematic calendars for this:

  • http://www.doctorsreview.com/meetings/
  • https://www.conference-service.com/conferences/us/
  • https://www.conferenceseries.com/usa-meetings/

It is easy to find such calendars. Use the following queries:

  • conferences + «theme»
  • conferences + «theme» + city
  • conferences + «theme» + country
  • events + «theme» + region

Step 3

Write a letter.

Specify the following:

  • In the body of the letter, write that you offer an info-partnership;
  • indicate what size of audience you can offer and what format: newsletter, banners, posts in social networks;
  • if there is an example of early collaboration with other conferences – also tell about them.

We recommend sending more than one letter, and use a chain of letters. This will increase the number of responses.

Step 4

Arrange about service in return.

You need to get replies to the following questions:

  1. where to post a link;
  2. for how long;
  3. what more besides the link you are going to get: tickets for conference, banners in the hall, etc.
  4. when the link is going to be posted, deadline is necessary;
  5. what response actions and when are you to perform.

Step 5

Ensure that the conference organizer fulfills the conditions and follow your own.

Be sure to check whether the posted link meets the specified conditions: dofollow, nofollow, etc.


Step 6

Make a partnership page on your website and that you are open for informational cooperation. This will allow you to work with incoming offers.

Yes, the method is time consuming, but only until such time as you build the process and make contacts.

New! Reverse image search

If you create infographics or other graphic content, then it is highly likely that your work is used without mentioning authorship or backlinks to the source.


So it is. Let us try to fix it.

  1. Go to https://images.google.com;
  2. Upload a required image;
  3. Find matches;

4. Contact an author of material/platform;

5. Ask for a link to original;

6. Check the result.

You can get tens of links in doing so.

Crowd marketing

Crowd marketing is a tool on the verge of marketing and SEO. It allows you to get traffic links from communities, but also to draw people’s attention to your website.

Crowd marketing SEO tasks:

  • создание динамики ссылочного профиля;
  • dilution of link profile;
  • promotion of low competitive search queries.

Marketing tasks:

  • informational seeding;
  • audience capture;
  • reputation management.

Let us consider platforms for crown marketing.


The forums are one of the oldest and densest communities, some of them live for decades, and people meet in real life and really form a cohesive community.

This makes it possible to offer the community interesting products in their niche, but the difficulty lies in the fact that you can also cause rejection. In fact, this is the professionalism of a crowd marketer in order to become “your own” with a couple of messages.

How it works:

  • find topic branches – which will be relevant to say about your product;
  • check the relevance – we look at the date of the last message and whether the issue is resolved;
  • check the liveliness of the website – we estimate the website traffic by similarweb.com;
  • create a profile – register and fill out the profile;
  • give an expert answer – we write the most complete message that answers the question of a person.


Expert comments under the articles of opinion leaders, publishers, bloggers, allow you to draw attention to your person or business, start building relationships with the author and put a link.

The process of working with comments is not very different from working with forums, so we will not duplicate it.

The only thing to consider is the widget through which you post comments. As a rule, solutions from:

  1. disqus.com;
  2. fb.com;
  3. wordpress.com comments;
  4. ordinary comments from

If it is options 1-3, you need to have an account on behalf of which you are going to work.

Q&A websites

Question/answer websites are very popular. People ask questions to a variety of professional and general questions get answers to them, develop heated discussions. You can become part of this movement and draw attention to your business from a profile audience.

Such platforms search queries:

  • q&a sites list;
  • q&a web

The main questions/answer websites:

These are resources with a huge potential; it is necessary to approach them as responsibly as possible.

Special skills techniques

If we are talking about free link building methods, then there are relatively free methods that you can implement yourself, provided that you have certain skills.


Infographics is a convenient and systematic presentation of information in a graphical form. It allows you to draw attention, provoke the growth of natural links, as well as infographics can be added to many catalogs infographics.

How it works:

  1. come up with an idea – without causing a problem that you can solve with the help of infographics, nothing will come of it;
  2. make infographics – draw, or assemble using infographic constructor;
  3. place on your website – make an article with infographics on your site;
  4. to distribute – send the infographics to your colleagues in the market, try to get opinion leaders;
  5. Add to catalogs – place infographics in catalogs.

Use the following queries to search for infographic catalogs:

  • infographic directory;
  • infographic directory list;
  • infographic submission.


If you have programming skills, then you can create an interesting plugin for the audience that solves their problem and put up copyright.

How it works:

  1. Find an idea – depending on what kind of csm you are closer to wordpress, joomla, modx or other popular platform, select one. Find a niche in which there is no decent plug-in (you can peek at popular plug-ins from other CPUs and make a similar one for the CPU, which you have chosen);
  2. Make a plugin – it is important to make a really good plugin that will solve the problem of users;
  3. Put a copyright – it is also desirable to sew a copyright check and if it is deleted, then make the plug incapable.
  4. Distribute – we add to the official catalog, we place on specialized forums, in communities, etc., we use all the channels available to us.

The disadvantage of this method is that you cannot control the link mass and the quality of the donors received, but you can get a lot of backlinks.

Plugin catalog from CMS:

  1. https://wordpress.org/plugins/;
  2. https://extensions.joomla.org/;
  3. https://modx.com/extras/.


  • A related technique is to get links from free website templates. To do this you will need even more skills:
  • design;
  • layout;
  • programming;

How it works:

  1. Choice of a popular theme for a template – it will have more outreach, more downloads, more links;
  2. Design – it is important to make a design template that will be targeted at the mass-market consumer, or if you want to receive links from the new build property development niche, then make a template for this subject;
  3. Layout – make an adaptive layout;
  4. Development – it is not enough to program, attach also technical documentation, paste the links into the template structure and check for your links, if they are deleted, the template stops working;
  5. Distribution – distribute to the free catalogs of templates, add to the official catalogs.

New! Free services

Development of simple free services will allow you to form a core of the audience and get a large number of backlinks with a minimum of effort.

Look at the number of backlinks:

Once made, a tool is able to bring links all the time; it is extremely difficult to knock out such a document from the top.

New! Tests and и quizzes

An interesting test in your niche will help attract traffic from social networks, as well as ensure the growth of backlinks.

However, it is upon condition that your test will be interesting.

An example of such a test in a specific niche:

Web 2.0 PBN

The creation of satellite networks is a high level of professionalism for any SEO specialist, as they give you complete control over the reference profile of the website being promoted.

Web 2.0 blogs are personal blogs on free platforms where you can create content.

How it works:

  1. Choose platforms – start with the most accessible wordpress.com, medium.com and go to less popular ones;
  2. Create blogs – we register a blog for another mail, for somebody, we try not to make common footprints;
  3. Fill with content – add photos, videos, text content to the website, fill in the feed;
  4. Pumping the blog – in the ideal case, you should put links to your blog and develop it to add weight to it;
  5. Put a link – from the main page or from internal to the main site, depends on your strategy;
  6. Fit – we put the process on stream and create dozens of websites.

You can find more web 2.0 blogs using queries:

  • web 2.0 sites;
  • web 2.0 list;
  • blog platforms.


This section includes link-building methods that we could not segment and relate to other categories, but this does not mean that they are less effective. Rather, on the contrary, they are not popular enough and this makes them even more attractive.

Collaboration with helpareporter.com news media

HARO is a service that brings together media representatives (journalists) and representatives of various industries, opinion leaders. News media needs expert opinion, professionals need outreach and attention.

How it works:

  1. Register;
  2. Add a description about yourself or about the platform – it is important to make a qualitative description in order to arouse interest from the media;
  3. Waiting for queries for expert opinion – depending on the tariff plan, you can set up receiving notifications in your email about the necessary topics;
  4. Or send a request to the media inquiries of interest – it is important to prepare a good pitch in order to interest the journalist;
  5. Propose your comment – your answer should be capacious and useful in order to increase the chances that it will be posted;
  6. Get a link from the media, provided that the journalist found your comment worthy.


Everyone knows Wikipedia and everyone wants a link from it. It is right. However, there is a huge number of other encyclopedias in different niches and of a general nature.


  • org;
  • com;
  • org;
  • com;
  • wikimedia.org.

You can find the list of encyclopedias on queries:

  • wiki site list;
  • popular wiki sites.

How it works:

  1. Find encyclopedias having articles in your niche;
  2. Study for weak articles to improve;
  3. Prepare professional material with links to sources, with confirmations and arguments;
  4. Add a link to the desired website;
  5. We are waiting for the approval of the article, sometimes the article will have to be rewritten several times before it is accepted.

Competition entries

Participation in the competition entries is a very laborious process and it is not necessary to regard it as a direct link building method, but as an indirect opportunity from PR to get links and lead marketing, why not.

How it works:

  1. find tenders;
  2. do a testing task;
  3. if the work reached the final, then we make every effort to get the link in the press releases about the tender.

The method is suitable for most niches at a price level above the average, b2b in particular.

We are looking for the following queries:

  • “keyword” + competition;
  • “keyword” + tender.

Press releases

Press releases are an old method that has experienced more than one reincarnation and still allows you to build links and solve PR problems.

How it works:

  1. Find platforms for press releases – niche or general;
  2. Study the requirements for press releases – it is important to do everything according to the requirements so as not to redo it;
  3. Write a press release – briefly, interestingly and in fact;
  4. Send for placement – via the form on the website or by direct contact by mail;
  5. Remind about yourself – there is no guarantee that your press release will be approved immediately, so it is important to get an answer;

6. Get the link.

Queries for which you can create your own selection of websites for press releases:

  • press release list;
  • free press release submission sites.

Affiliate programme

Creating an affiliate program helps not only to increase sales, but also gives a reason to refer to you more actively, people have financial motivation.

How it works:

  1. Develop an affiliate program, or use a third-party service for this;
  2. Do information seeding about the fact that you have an affiliate program with favorable conditions (they really should be like this);
  3. Outreach the opinion leaders and give them knowledge about the affiliate program;
  4. Use other channels to spread information about the affiliate program.

Reviews for services and websites

If you are an active user of services, products in your niche, then you can invite them to leave a feedback, upon condition that they paste your link.

How it works:

  1. Make a list of services, products, customers that you are;
  2. Bind and offer feedback;
  3. Specify terms for placing the link;
  4. Take control;
  5. Get the link.


That is all.

How do you like it?