Where To Find Ideas For Articles Which Solve Problems of Your Audience

What to write about and where to look for topics for a relevant article in social networks? Every author is often concerned about it. Especially if you need to engage new readers and make them share their content.

Today you are going to find out a few ways hot to search for topics with the help of which you will avoid idea deficit in creating content for quite some time. Besides, you will lay in topics, which are truly interesting for your audience.

Google keyword planner

With the help of Google Keywords Planner, which is a basic tool, you can easily gather not a semantic kernel for a website only, but also to find a few interesting topics for the blog`s articles.

What you need to do:

  • Go to keyword planner,
  • choose «New keywords search by website or by category», column
  • write down a key phrase in the first field,
  • write down such words as «how», «where», «why», «where from», «what for», in «Alternative key words» paragraph etc. and press «Get results».

Choose «Key words options» tab in the opened report and find suitable topics.


If you need more options than the Planner provides, use Serpstat:

type in a key word, choose a region, and click search;

go to «А website`s analysis»;

then go to «SEO-analysis — Phrasing»;

assign «contains key words» questions words such as «where», «why», «where from», «what for»;

press «Apply»;

receive user search results in the form of questions, which you can use in writing articles.

Search prompting services

Search prompts are options of key words, which you may see in a special section under search line and begin with the very same letters a search query does. With the help of search prompts, you can easily get a big key word base, which are chosen by search engines by popularity especially. There are many different services for key words parsing and Keyword Tool is one of them. We are going to get topics with its help suitable for detailed articles and help visitors to decide a certain trouble.

What you need to do:

  • type in the primary keyword in the service search,
  • write down «how» or «where», «why», «what for», «where from» and so on in front of the words (each time from the very beginning),
  • pick suitable topics.


In order not to write down each question word separately and monkey with each key phrase, go to «Key word analysis» → «Search prompts» → «Search queries» + «Package export». Write down fill-in-blank field a necessary amount of key words, assign «Questions only» and «Without toponyms» in filter and in a few seconds the system will choose for you tens of ready topics for articles.

Q&A services

There are many services where users ask questions on different topics and answer them. Quite often, there are questions for precise and detailed answer, which is impossible to find in search results. It means that if you cover some topic, there is a major risk that you are going to strike the top.

What you need to do:

  • type in a key query in the service search,
  • look for suitable topics in writing new articles,
  • find information on this topic.

Trend forums

Consider studying forums, which concern your theme. Find questions and topics interesting to your users. You can borrow all this and use in writing your articles.

What you need to do:

  • find forums,
  • go to trend sections,
  • find topics.


Twitter is not a social network only but also an excellent way to search for ideas and topics for articles.

What you need to do:

  • go to Twitter,
  • type in a key phrase,
  • search for topics.


Follow news on the subject of your website, keep an eye out, which is of current interest today. Your ultimate task is not to rewrite a text, and give an opinion concerning the occurring event.

What you need to do:

  • keep an eye out for mass media or use «News» Google search,
  • find trends and events,
  • use them as news hook for a future article.

Popular articles of competitors

If you already know your competitors, define 5-10 of them and keep an eye for their content in the in blogs. Borrow the best ideas and topics.

What you need to do:

  • search for necessary thematic blogs,
  • study them in details,
  • write down a few cool topics you liked.


To choose the most popular articles, use «Domain analysis» service. Type in a competitor`s domain, go to the right section, then go to «SEO-analysis — Leaders pages» and filter results by amount of FB-shares. You are going to see the links to the website`s pages in the beginning of the list, which received the most reposts in Facebook. Go to these pages and write the topics down.

Questions for webinars and conferences

Recently webinars and conferences in the areas of business grow in intensity.  There are always questions asked on such events. Why not to use these questions working on articles? They are truly important for your audience!

What you need to do:

  • Find webinars on your subject in search (keyword or niche name + webinar)/visit conferences on the subject,
  • Write down asked questions,
  • Use these subjects in writing articles.

Article comments

The more popular the blog is with plenty of traffic, the more comments users are going to leave under the articles. Learn popular articles of competitors according with the method described above and find comments, which you can use in making topics for articles.

What you need to do:

  • Find articles with great many comments,
  • Borrow interesting topics,
  • Write articles.

Audience polling and questions for technical support

In order to get many reposts of your article and to satisfy your users for certain, ask them directly what they would want to see in new articles.

What you need to do:

  • ask subscribers of your mailing list,
  • or make an article polling,
  • use received questions and ideas in creating new articles.

Do a search of new topics and articles on a regular basis, keep an eye for user`s interest, interacting with him/or her constantly. Make a client-plan for a long time и and follow it methodically. Go for it!